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  1. Arlene J. Lerner says:
    4.5 rating

    Have the Mirena-HS set before 3.5 months, after recommendation of my FA.Habe since that ver … Day bleeding, migraine, abdominal pain, back pain, sleep disorders, skin problems, Schweisausbrüche and very, very VERY bad mood NW explained my FA as follows: the menstrual bleeding can turn out completely! Thought me at the age of 34 and after 2 children there can be worse! The Mirena is a lot, much worse with their NW! The laying was very painful and when I think about what I could have bought my children for 360 euros! I recommend them to any woman in the world and have an appointment in three days hope that then my life and my body will be back as before and I can once again laugh, swim or do sport. To all fellow sufferers greet and advise everyone you know please from!

  2. Catherine B. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello, I had the Mirena use 4 years ago. The insertion was already hell. Days after that I still had bad pain. But after a few weeks they passed. My period came very little and then not at all. I just felt good. After 2 1/2 years, I suddenly had a few side effects, such as dizziness, nervousness, sweats. I did not associate this with Mirena at first. After 3 years had passed I suddenly got hives, itching and burning in the genial area, strong discharge. My FA said that everything had nothing to do with the spiral, which I also agreed. But as my discomfort got worse, I let Mirena pull me (Nov. 07). I got my period after that. Then she stopped again and the itching and burning came again. Now after 8 months I got my period again, for 14 days, a week break, again my period, again a few days break, etc. I am constantly with the FA, which still says that it would not be due to the spiral. He just said he had no explanation for taking the pill again, then stop that. But I think that can not be the solution. I’ll despair of it soon. Now I’m rid of the thing and still have constant after effects. I regret it so much that I let them use me, but my gynecologist praised the spiral in the highest tones and said there were no side effects, as with the pill. I never saw a leaflet. When I let myself be printed out in the pharmacy, I first knew what I did to my body. I can only say FINGER OFF, even if the first 2 years are great. I think you have to take them off the market.

  3. Marion R. Sheppard says:
    4.0 rating

    Immediately after insertion: bleeding and light abdominal jokes for about six weeks. In the first half year: sweats and hot flashes, as well as severe hair loss, as well as extreme tiredness to exhaustion and vertigo attacks. My FA denied (quite irritated) any connection with the Mirena! The internal medical examination showed that I’m completely healthy organically! After six months of lying time: first an ovarian cyst of 4cm, then at the next check two months later an ovarian cyst of 8cm (!). Both cysts regressed under estrogen treatment. Since then, the rule is only very irregular as a slight spotting. I then changed the FA, which very probably considers a connection possible. He nevertheless advised me to wait a bit while pulling the spiral. Have since the onset of Mirena until now 8 kg increased (despite consistent diet and exercise). Now that after two years of lying still severe anxiety came to it, my partner has decided to sterilization. I hope that after the removal of Mirena, I will soon become the old, well-balanced and cheerful woman I used to be!

  4. Nicole G. Blanton says:
    4.5 rating

    I am now 30 years old and have used the mirena after the birth of my son. everything sounded good, no more rule, 5 years of protection, only locally acting gestagene, almost never problems observed, etc. I agreed, but it was completely different. I had my rule for about 1 year, then it stopped slowly. it was not that dramatic, but the other changes were really bad. I got sweats, shortly after the bath I was already sweaty and smelled unpleasant (so typical hormonal), I had zero lust for sex with my husband. It was over 3 1/2 years that I have rarely slept with my husband. which of course did not necessarily meet with great enthusiasm. I had a headache and unbearable whimsy. when we had sex, I had pain and it was unpleasant. sometimes my husband had to stop, because the thread had made him feel that he was hurting. It was a disaster. have cut the thread, nothing brought, have told of my complaints, got only the information: \\\ That can not come from the mirena, which works only locally, if I make them out, then she is out and if they still have the complaints then they get annoyed. So, let them in there. In the end, it got so bad recently that I was sick for weeks, I got sweats, just lay on the couch and was totally at the end. All the internist things were clarified until I got the advice from my GP that I should have the mirena removed, maybe I have a hypersensitivity. because according to her statement small amounts of gestagene go very well in the bloodstream and if you do not tolerate, it comes to such an impact. What can I say, the mirena is outside and I feel like I was born again. no nausea, no sweat, my pimples disappear, my whole general condition has improved, good mood, lust for sex, fun again, no pain. All I can say is that I think there must be better education about what you do to your body with these hormone hammers. for me it is clear – never mirena

  5. Willie R. Saville says:
    4.0 rating

    For about 3 years I have or had the Mirena. For at least a year, I am desperate for many health problems. I thought until a few days ago I was a hypochondriac –_ – It started with chest pain and pressure on the chest and on. I immediately thought of heart because occasionally arrhythmias came to it. When that was then ruled out to the spine. There was nothing to worry about. Well it took then so .. but always had this fear. Worst of all was the feeling of not being able to breathe properly. Meanwhile, I have 7 kg increased, but no eating habits changed. I look totally bloated, have blemished skin, aching hands and can be irritated very quickly. Libido equal to zero, sweats, altered body odor, circulatory problems that I never had before collapse! By chance, I came across reviews on the net and recognized me immediately! Yesterday I let her go and immediately was my breathlessness and that sting away! Never again Mirena:

  6. Joan D. Stedman says:
    4.0 rating

    It all started with a bladder infection. After taking the antibiotics, the fungal infection followed by a cyst. That was 1 ½ years ago. Since then, more and more Zipperleinchen have been added to the diseases mentioned: flatulence, total exhaustion, sweating (especially at night), back pain in the lumbar region, breast tensions (z.Part my breasts were already so sensitive that a light touch has already caused pain), extreme Mood swings, permanent abdominal pain, hypothyroidism, weight gain, loss of libido … As with many other women too, I have now walked for more than 1 year from doctor to doctor, until a colleague told me last that she had heard that frequent bladder infections from the HS would come. Then I started researching. Meanwhile, I have with my suspicion that the complaints come from the Mirena, my FA changed. After he had listened to my story, he first wanted to exclude other causes of my complaints by extensive research. He then told me the result on the phone … .You are completely healthy – there is no reason to worry … For my abdominal cramps, he then recommended me cranberry tablets …: – ((On Friday I let me get this thing out and hope then that the nightmare is over …

  7. Sara T. Garrison says:
    5.0 rating

    After watching an unspeakable sweat for over a year, I thought to google ‘sweat + Mirena’ and lo and behold, the connection probably some! I’ve gotten used to inflammation … but now that I see the whole range, which also comes to light with me, there is no logical justification for continuing to use contraception with Mirena. By the way, the contraception works splendidly! As a woman, you simply have no sexual desire and because of the mood swings for men a red cloth !!!

    Side effects: Sweats; Mood swings; Libido loss
  8. Doris C. Austin says:
    4.5 rating

    I let myself use the spiral 3 years ago, the gynecologist said she was better than any pill. After the onset of long lasting bleeding. After about 2 years, only once a year ne small spotting bleeding. But after 2.5 years, the abdominal pain was more, the Ärtzin always meant everything ok. The abdominal pain was always present except for a few days. Unfortunately, too. After almost 3 years, I was often sweaty at night, awake and got panic from the tachycardia. I was afraid to die, that’s how it happened. Everything is ok with the cardiologist. The tachycardia was getting worse and the panic attacks, anxiety became more, it dragged on for months, fatigue and irritability are the order of the day one is only weak and one is dizzy (CT in order) blood levels ok thyroid ok and the weight gain despite Eating under observation is inexplicable. Now it has been found out, it is the Mirena side effects that have now occurred. The spiral comes out now. My side effects in one sentence: palpitations & amp; Rhytmus Disorder (L-ECG), Dizziness, Fatigue, Irritated, Lower Abdomen & amp; Chest pain, weight gain, anxiety & amp; Panic attacks, sweating (circulatory problems)

  9. Jennifer F. Miles says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello. I’m pretty shocked what I read like that. But somehow also relieved. I thought I was crazy. Have now my 3rd Mirena. October 2013 last exchange. I found the laying even though I was childless not too cruel. But it was not great either. I am 35 years old and wanted to reliably prevent 4 years for career reasons. So it was not OK to let the Mirena lay again. I have managed so well with the Mirena for the last 10 years. That was bomb. ONLY THAT NOW! In April I suddenly had complaints, nausea, howls, depression, sweating, sleeplessness, aggression, fatigue and at the same time restlessness and meanwhile I hate to visit somebody, water retention (up to 4kg), panic attacks, chest pain, migraine attacks etc. per month approx 25 days of pain with a huge, swollen hot bosom. Normally, I am active, facing others, very laid back, enterprising, physically fit. NIX out of the end. Was at the family doctor got a blood picture done. All values are great. Thyroid is also great … No need to worry. Then I am on gyn. Due to falls in the lungs, or rather slimy, bloody disgusting secretions, with back pain and abdominal pain. Conclusion. At the end of May, I was diagnosed with a cyst on the left ovary, but it was already dry. So died by itself. Estrogen excess – body thinks he was pregnant was the statement of the doctor – may happen again, but does not have – na primmmmmmmaaaaa – then breast examination. Two cysts discovered. For mammography but only for safety. Had to cancel 2 appointments, because I have only breast tensions and can not even say when they come and go. In the last two Mirenas I had a very reliable. Cycle. And never bleeding. Now in July I have the same symptoms again – I’m fed up. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to move. I want to be myself again and not hormone controlled. I’m glad if this thing is finally out. Contraception must then somehow go differently – that settles already. Until October 13 I would have recommended Mirena to everyone and there are plenty of people who get along just fine. I thought also 10 years. It was also like that … but you change yourself too and at some point the body suddenly says NÖ! I started to hate this thing in me …….By the way, GV is not to think at all, because I have absolutely no desire. In the head sometimes, but that’s gone very quickly, because I feel completely stressed out of all this. In addition, since the last use little secretion still exists. So furztrocken … So from tomorrow a hormone-free life – jihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – I’m happy. Dorina