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  1. Frances A. Moore says:
    3.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (back)

    I take now for almost 2 years fentanyl 50μg / h.eigentlich I come so well with some side effects. most side effects are fatigue, listlessness, mood swings, sweats, convulsions, from time to time nausea. the msiten side effects are bearable. But happy if i can live without it again, because they are very influential in my life.

    Side effects: Listlessness; Sweats; Nausea; Fatigue
  2. Nicholas M. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Polyneuropathie

    Now that I’ve tried all sorts of painkillers, the neurologist told me about fentanyl. I have, as far as the effectiveness of the drug is concerned, made very good experiences so far with it. The pain is reasonably bearable, the painless condition lasts about 62 hours, which is a huge step forward for my quality of life. Compatibility of the drug is in the middle range, as with all medicines. At the beginning I had hardly any side effects, but now manifest a few things that are also not unique, but probably due to fentanyl. The biggest problem for me is the chronic constipation (but can also be caused by other tablets), this thing is very difficult to deal with. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies … mostly without success. Increasingly stressful are the sweats, especially at night, these occur in alternation with cold sensations. The fatigue comes in turns, there are days full of resilience and others, where you could only sleep. Despite these things, I am very glad that finally a drug was prescribed that combats my pain.

    Side effects: Sweats; Constipation
  3. Dennis C. Wilton says:
    2.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (back)

    I have often noticed with me sweats that suddenly occur without a burden was there weitwonder mood swings and I have a metal taste of silk very heavily loaded. Furthermore, a high Addictiveness is the case I noticed because I once forgot to renew the patch, it was quickly restless , Anxiety and insomnia.

  4. Donald A. Wright says:
    3.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (acute); Pain (chronic)

    For decades I have had severe pain (cervical vertebrae and back) with constant headaches. For about 3 years I go to the pain therapy and take the Fentanyl patch 25 mg / h. Unfortunately, the dosage is no longer sufficient, so I’m now (since 3 weeks) to 50 mg / h. So much for dependence! As soon as the effect wears off, I have an inner restlessness associated with feelings of anxiety (then I can not stand still, have this tingling sensation in my legs). Common side effects include constipation, depression, sweats, insomnia. Would like to sell the patch (gradually, despite the known side effects), but there are comparable alternatives?

  5. Margaret D. Johnson says:
    3.0 rating

    Fentanyl for Depression; Pain (chronic)

    1.5 years ago I was operated on the breastbone for health reasons. Here, a metal strap was placed under the sternum and secured with stabilizers right and left to the ribs. Since then, I am suffering from very severe chronic pain. I take the following medicines: Fentanyl 100μg / h plaster change every 2 days; Sevredol 20 mg as needed most 3 times daily; Venlafaxine 375 mg once a day; Trimipramine 100 mg once in the evening; Arcoxia 90 mg 1 x am; Novalgin drops 4 times a day; Valiquid if necessary side effects I have the following: Sweats, constipation, depression, mood swings, irritability, restlessness

  6. Arthur M. Moreno says:
    4.5 rating

    After 3 OPs in the lumbar spine area, last time in 1999 a strong curvature of the lumbar spine was diagnosed with a right rotation. Over the years I was prescribed a variety of medications. Voltaren Dispers, Tramal, Valaron, etc. I am 57 years old and a stiffening operation would bring nothing. Now I had started with Fentany 25-100 as of 2000. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting and vomiting, depression Sweats I accepted because the pain was endured to 60%. Since 2009, my condition deteriorated considerably. In September 2009, I underwent a Facettendenervierung. Great !!! Unfortunately I had a traffic accident 14 days later. A truck drove on my Combi (what luck) no external injuries. After subsiding the impressions take my Schmerzattaken considerably zu.Befinde me z.Z. in the clinic for non-surgical medicine in Sommerfeld b. Kremmen. Here was the change from Fentanyl to Jurnista. The plaster did not bring the desired effect. Due to heavy sweating broke the plaster. The transition to Jurnista took four not so good days (withdrawal) The doctors help me but with a drug over this time. The Jurnista 32 can not stand it very well. Dry mucous membranes are a small evil. No nausea, depression has become less.

  7. Robert L. Caggiano says:
    2.0 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (back)

    At Tramadol I was fit for 3 days in a row, I did not need sleep at night, which of course had a negative effect on my work. At Fentanyl, I almost spent 3 weeks lying there. until I got used to the worst side effects. However, I had to glue the plaster every other day to be painless. Sweats and insomnia has accompanied me throughout the years. Until I found a neurosurgeon this year who used 2 new discs and a spreader (this happened on 1 July 2009) after that I was not allowed to sit for 3 months; on the 22.09.2009 I am allowed to sit again for the first time. I have no back pain and since September 1st, 2009, I have not stuck any plaster and I’m fine.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Sweats
  8. Kim C. Carr says:
    2.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Disc prolapse; Pain (chronic)

    the first 3 weeks I was pretty dirty, almost the whole time have lain. (lying down it was just fine, as soon as I wanted to get up I was sick). It continued for about 3-4 months with fatigue, malaise, sweats. After half a year, I was able to work again. But I do not keep it for 3 days, change every 2 days (in the morning), but the next night can sleep bad, I scratch my whole body. Every second evening, take 1 Fluninoc tablet for at least half a year to be able to sleep at least. Have lost in the last 3 years 24 kg, which was a welcome side effect.

    Side effects: Weight loss; Sweats; Nausea; Fatigue
  9. George B. Harper says:
    2.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (chronic)

    In Oxygesic increasingly indigestion, stomach pain, therefore switching to fentanyl patch STADA. Since then: nausea (worsening), sleep disturbances (first night after patch change), sweating (occasionally), in each case on the third day pain increase

  10. Mario J. Smalls says:
    3.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (back)

    In spurts occurring significant sweats. Nausea on the verge of vomiting. Reduced thinking ability. discontinued. Withdrawal symptoms: I would like to blow up the world in this condition.

  11. Susan S. Dingman says:
    4.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (joint)

    As far as I can handle everything well. Sometimes I have constipation. But the bad thing is these terrible sweats. Often it is associated with simultaneous shivering. Strangely, I tolerated the medication for a long time. After years, these sweats came. For me, the hormones were examined, which are o.k .. So it will be due to the drugs.

    Side effects: Sweats; Constipation
  12. Kristina K. Callis says:
    2.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Pain (chronic)

    After an operation on the sternum, I suffer from chronic pain. I started with the strongest Tilidin, Katadolon and Saroten. Unfortunately, this did not help against the pain at all. So I got Fentanylpflaster 50 micrograms, change every 2 days, otherwise on the 3rd day the strong pain is back completely. If necessary I take ibuprofen 600mg and tramadol and in the evening 1 saroten (amitriptyline). On most days, I tolerate the patches quite well. At first I had constipation, now only rarely. Among other things, I have sweats now and then, fatigue, but what is bearable, worse are the days when you have depressive mood swings and anxiety, but thank God not too often occur. I have not been able to drive until now, but I will start again soon. Of the other drugs I have no side effects. But I usually do not even notice the analgesic effect of ibuprofen. Side effects are summarized by fentanyl: sweating, constipation, fatigue, anxiety disorders and depressive mood swings