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  1. Linda M. Brewer says:
    4.0 rating

    Erythromycin for Angina tonsillaris

    I got the antibiotic prescribed by the emergency service and for me is never again! It started after the first tablet, I was really sick, but this went away after an hour. I did not think anything of it, because I always react to antibiotics always special. I took now 5 hours later as prescribed the next tablet and there the nausea was back. This time it did not go away either. My stomach felt like it was about to burst, I got sweats and I felt like the body somehow resisted this medicine. At night, the complaints were then worse, it came to heart racing, and throw up, I got severe diarrhea so that my best friend was the toilet. I immediately discontinued the medication and my family doctor gave me another medication, which helped better. for me it is clear that I would advise against any of this drug.

  2. Mary A. Leon says:
    4.0 rating

    Erythromycin for Sinusitis

    After 5 days of oral ingestion, no effect or improvement of sinusitis. On the 6th day hospitalization in the KH. There, erythromycin is administered intravenously (500mg) every 6 hours. With first dose, severe nausea, rapid heartbeat, sweating, after 2nd infusion, severe pressure on the larynx and stomach pressure with severe nausea, dizziness, palpitations and fits of sweat, diarrhea, collisions. Despite indication to the ward physician, Medi not discontinued and also not changed AB, Continue to be forcibly administered every 6 hours infusions for another 2 days: severe diarrhea, nausea, heartburn, laryngeal pressure, gastric pressure (like hole in the stomach), burning in the chest up in The arms could no longer lie because of the pressure on stomach height, which even radiated from the back to the front over the thorax to the larynx and the ears. During the infusion already bubbling in the larynx via left infusion arm. Strong nausea, dizziness, could barely walk. Then switched to oral. No improvement, on the contrary after taking oral strong nausea, with shaky, could no longer walk, no longer sitting (because of heartburn), severe sore throat due to acid to the ears. Worsening after discontinuation of erythromycin: 1.5 years after discontinuation: continued discomfort. At the beginning you can not even drink water. Esophagitis, weight loss lost a total of 58 kilos, ppi-taking nothing helped (all 5 ppi tried), only domperidone helped a little to turn the stomach after eating, which was long time (about 9 months) after eating stopped , 2 hours after each meal. Only oatmeal or slightly tolerated Köllnflocken. Often can not eat for up to 3 days because of strong heartburn. Chronic laryngitis and pharyngitis due to acid. No acid excess. Erythromycin was initially triggered by overdose and allergy excess acid, which caused esophageal ulceration without lesions and chronic laryngitis with pharyngitis and stomatitis (by acid burns), followed by a limitation of oesophageal motility and gastric motility. It has been found in mirroring zig macrophages in the small intestine. After 1.5 years, now still complaints: throat scratching permanently (pharyngitis), stomach pain, chest burns, paralysis in the arms through the nerves in the solar plexus. By permanent heartburn now over-stimulation of the receptors on the esophageal mucosa. Conclusion: Erythromycin has destroyed my life and robbed me of any quality of life. Am still struggling and striving to get well, despite all the limitations and despite not acknowledging that erythromycin is such a devil’s stuff. Incidentally, I have witnesses for the FEHL treatment in the CH and the tragic, ellen-long after-treatment afterwards. Now I’m feeling a little better. But still can not eat much. Continue down. Am currently at 45 pounds at 1.69 m. 58 kilos I lost unwillingly. Can anyone advise against the Dreckszeug only. Goes on gastrointestinal tract and can be tedious with prolonged overdose and application. Currently I am in therapy for irritable stomach syndrome. Findings are unremarkable (no lesions in the esophagus); but chronic laryngitis caused by the influence of permanent acid, by the motility disorder of the esophagus. This manifests itself in permanent cold symptoms (sore throat). sometimes seizures, sweats, rapid heartbeat, dizziness etc, as at the time of infusion (occurs cyclically and phased). The doctors are so far at a loss and diagnose: functional disorder – vegetative, neurological over-stimulation by acid and stress because of the 1.5 years and discomfort. Please keep your hands off the stuff!! My story is real and not a joke. I’m still sick and my life (as a singer, where I need my larynx) has changed drastically! I do not recognize myself again after 58 kilos less and are always hungry. If I eat something more or more varied or the wrong (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, fat) the nerves of the esophagus are so irritated that I scream in pain, then the vicious cycle starts again.

  3. Paul M. Eckman says:
    4.5 rating

    Was yesterday (Sunday at the emergency service), because I had no voice at all. The doctor prescribed erythromycin 500 for me. I should take 2 tablets three times (morning, noon, evening) on that day. Already after the first intake, about half an hour later I felt a little bit sick. I did not suspect the tablets at this time. It was so miserable because of the flu and the cold that I thought it was stirring. The afternoon nap of my 18-month-old son was quite convenient. I slept with him for two hours and then it was okay again. At four o’clock I took two more pills. Half an hour later, I was sick again … evil is still understated! I got a nausea, but unfortunately I could not vomit despite multiple attempts. Always had the feeling that my body was poisoned, wanted to let it out and not even bile I could spit. For that I had constant water diarrhea. I can not count it as often, but it was so common that I lost a lot of water. In addition, I was so hot that I got sweats and then again so cold that I had chills. My circulation became so bad that I eventually became panicked. I called my GP privately because I could not help myself. He came immediately. He injected me with the nausea and something so that I calmed down a bit again, because I was lying fastatemd on the couch. Unfortunately, the nausea did not diminish. The whole thing went until four o’clock in the morning (exactly 12 hours), then I fell asleep at some point and when I woke up, the nausea was gone, but my cycle was shaky until tonight. The drug I stopped immediately! I urge everyone from this antibiotic!

  4. Gail D. Contreras says:
    4.5 rating

    Erythromycin for Chlamydia infection

    Already about one hour after taking the second tablet, I got a slight stomach ache which became really bad within a very short time. It was like having a huge hole in my stomach that contracted convulsively. Then there was nausea and I had to vomit all night – that went from about 22 clock to about 8 clock early. Strong circulatory problems also came along, accompanied by tachycardia and sweats. I will go to the doctor now and ask for an alternative – I will definitely not take this devil stuff anymore.

  5. Claudia J. Burnett says:
    4.0 rating

    Erythromycin for Chlamydia infection

    – Giddy, bitter tablet – nausea, nausea, dizziness – stomach problems such as cramping, grumbling – permanent hunger despite meals and loss of appetite – weak bladder and flatulence, but problems with bowel movements – tiredness, aversion, but due to stomach problems insomnia Have against a chlamydia infection Erythromycin-ratiopharm 500mg film-coated tablets, of which I need to take one tablet four times a day for 10 days. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who have big problems swallowing pills, capsules, pills, etc. of any kind and this drug is in addition to the pill only the second antibiotic and drug in pill form, which I take during my life (I am now 20 years old) and I must say it is very uncomfortable. The tablets are really huge for my senses, even if they are divided in the middle, which leads to a real sense of anxiety before the next dose. Since I could swallow the tablets undivided at all, I can only report on the taste of a divided and thus at the break point slightly crumbly tablet and that is just plain sickly! The pills taste very bitter and have a really awful taste, I have to choke every time I have one in my mouth. The first tablet I took about half an hour after a meal and that was not a good idea. Persistent nausea, mild nausea and when getting up from bed a strong dizziness with sweats. At some point I fell asleep with an emergency bucket beside the bed, but since taking it I have a constant feeling of gastric growl, even immediately after meals. The tablets have been taken since the first shock experience only on an empty stomach, according to the package insert according to the instructions one hour before a meal, but the feeling of stomach growling unfortunately remains and right after taking it comes to stomach cramps and nausea. Although I never had to vomit, but after each intake must be about half an hour, not to challenge my circulation and the stomach cramps remain as well as the feeling of growling and stomach rumbling. In addition, I suffer from the feeling of flatulence, although I can neither vomit nor do I really make a big deal, although as I said, the pressure to be quite strong. In addition, since the ingestion of erythromycin, I have to drink water every 10 minutes and have little appetite. Although I have the feeling of hunger, but no appetite and even after eating the feeling of hunger and nausea remains, which is why I can hardly sleep despite acute fatigue. Perhaps it may be because my body is not used to antibiotics and hypersensitive to a shocker with 4 tablets daily for 10 days, but I find the medication very incompatible and it is always a huge overcame to take this disgusting tablet and the subsequent complaining to suffer. Incidentally, my partner is on the same treatment with erythromycin from Herrmann and complains about similar side effects, such as the said stomach problems.