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  1. Donald S. Mann says:
    2.5 rating

    Take Cipralex and Solian for almost 3 years. Must say that helped me a lot. Could not go out at the time because I got a panic attack right away. Then I did 8 weeks inpatients in psychiatry a therapy. There I was placed on Cipralex and Solian, because I have already taken Fevarin (8 years), but who went on my liver. The two drugs had worked very fast. Could already make after 3 weeks a flight by helicopter. In 2008 I even flew to Dubai and Thailand. That was like a second life. But since the last year I was getting worse and worse. Was just tired, the fear got worse, since I have Cipralex 10mg and Solian 100mg take 13 kg increased, have violent dreams that look very realistic, sweat very quickly (think because I have taken). Since my liver values have become worse again, which I attributed to the two drugs, I discontinue Cipralex. Do not take that for 2 weeks. If I move my eyes lightly, I am fast aggressive and irritable, headache, restless and do not need so much sleep. Since I no longer take Cipralex I have really power. Could take something all day. Only the fear has become worse again. Therefore, I can not recommend Cipralex, unless you are constantly afraid and is short of madness. Think the Cipralex helps only a certain time. Would be glad if I would get comments on this and also about experiences of those who have managed to get away from Cipralex.

  2. Melanie T. Mose says:
    4.5 rating

    Solian for Borderline; Depression

    take now 75mg trevilor against depression since december, have no side effects except nocturnal sweating, am no longer so depressed and a little more motivated. take also 75mg solian, has helped me very well against confused and desperate thoughts and allows me to better everyday life. Unfortunately, I have already gained 6 kilos in the 5 months and the sex drive and the desire to feel have decreased.

  3. Russell F. Claxton says:
    3.0 rating

    Solian for Thinking disorders; Hallucinations; Delusion

    I have to take Solian for about 3 years now. I have been to the mental hospital 5 times before because I have relapsed again and again. It started with me that I smoked grass and later tried chemical drugs. I also had a hard time during my education. I had the feeling of being bullied and my former girlfriend often pulled me down because of her problems (borderline). Then I crashed at some point because my body and my psyche did not go through that anymore. And then the thing started. First it was said that I had a schizophrenia and social phobia. Later bipolar disorder. I do not remember what I had to take in the clinic for medication. In any case, I have very bad memories of it – especially to the closed station. Since I get Solian, my life is not down anymore. I started training that is going very well and made friends again. But I think that the improvement in my life circumstances has contributed much more to my conditioning than the drug. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of side effects: First, when I was hired at the clinic, I suddenly saw visual hallucinations. These never came back. It certainly was not a backflash because I had not used any drugs for a long time. Furthermore, I got such a condition as if I was under power. That was very uncomfortable. Later I had a strong chest pain and could not get up. But these were all only unique symptoms. So the usual symptoms, such as dry mouth, extreme tiredness, fatigue, listlessness, etc. I had when the dose was even higher. Now it works. Meanwhile, I take 300mg / day. That’s a tolerable dose. However, I noticed that I am suffering from an erection disorder. This is very bad, especially if you have a girlfriend and not even 30. My last Psychodoc said, then it would be the wrong girlfriend. What a nonsense. I also realize that I have become less emotion-less and, in a sense, dulled. In addition, I notice that my movements are not so fluent and I sweat quickly – even in cool temperatures and do nothing. I also get nausea sometimes and conditions where I talk totally shaky and overwhelmed, although there is no reason for it. And sometimes people ask me if I have taken drugs – but I do not. In summary, the side effects depend on the dose and duration of use. Helping against psychological complaints, such as brooding and negative thoughts and fear of people. The side effects are very cumbersome in individual cases but acceptable in view of the mental illness.