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  1. Kelsey N. Bailey says:
    4.5 rating

    On the occasion of a tooth extraction I had to take the medicine Clinda-saar 600 mg for 5 days. From the 5th day I got diarrhea, which I initially considered normal. I did a colon cleansing with bacterial cultures. This I contracted very badly and it did not change the symptoms. Gradually things got critical because I was losing weight. The diarrhea, however, could not be stopped by anything. The doctors found no evidence of inflammatory bowel disease and no pathogenic germs. Again and again, I was put off for 2 weeks, so I’m currently at a weight of 54 kg. I am miserable: chills, sweating with fever attacks, kidney pain, severe upper abdominal hardening, lower abdominal cramps, general total weakness to frequent disability.

    Side effects: Sweat; Tremble; Weight loss; Fever; Diarrhea