Sweat effect of Arimidex

We have 113 consumer reports for Arimidex. Sweat effect occurred in 3%.

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  1. Mary J. Melendez says:
    4.0 rating

    Arimidex for Breast cancer

    Sweating, sweating, all over the body, often upside down, at night, especially in summer. Terrible … even after 2 years. I’ve arranged \ … clothes always on onion system. Knee-joint problems, which, however, already existed before, now reinforced, joint pain fingers, all by movement but in tolerable conditions. Weight gain, by constant attention, even with weight watchers, (usually) in the \ grip \. Since recent hair loss, dandruff, redness on the forehead along the hairline, face, neck. What should I do best against it? The dermatologist was not much help ….