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  1. Cleo D. Baird says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Anxiety and panic attacks; Depression

    For the first few days and weeks, I was often very tired, but not directly unpowered – it was really tired. I was also a little sick and sometimes a bit dull in the stomach. In fact, I also noticed that the suicide risk has increased, but since I was not very suicidal, this increase was not too bad. All of these side effects are completely gone after about two weeks. The only problem I have with fluoxetine is that most of the time I notice that my fear is still there, but not showing, being suppressed. There could be much worse side effects, I think. Overall, I am very happy with the intake of fluoxetine (by the way I take 20mg per day), only the first few weeks were not very good.

  2. Michele K. Bell says:
    2.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    hello, I take Flouxetin Hexal (15 mg) for 3 months. I think it’s good. At the beginning I had mood swings, fatigue, lack of appetite and suicidal thoughts but that had settled after 2-3 weeks, mitlerweile I am much better. I did not decrease how many do it! There is a hook, however, first, the side effects at the beginning and then the alcohol intolerance. Although I have not drunk even alk since I take the drug, but in the supplement and in experience reports is discouragedI had at the beginning my problems with the no alk. more drink but mitlerweile I have no problem with it. I almost only had good experiences with flouxetin! I would like to know if you know what it’s like to take flouxetine in the morning and have it in the evening. drink? are the side effects so strong? I would appreciate an answer

  3. Shiloh C. Heflin says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    The first few weeks very severe headache and the constant feeling that the body is collapsing. Descriptive tiredness and at night I can not sleep without sleeping aid. However, all this was harmless: The worst is a massive increase in depression, including acute suicidality. In the fourth week, the headache has subsided, but more heart pains occur. The psychiatrist only prescribed me the medication with the indication that it will increase my drive and is not expected to gain weight. As usual, possible NWs were concealed. The suicidality, for which the Medikamnet after research, is very notorious, I was, of course, concealed …

  4. David E. Ortiz says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Treatment with fluoxetine started with 10mg and was done after about two months at 20mg per day. After only a few days, I was able to discover an increase in drive, and after a good month and a half, the frequency, intensity, and number of times I had recovered my obsessive thoughts decreased by a good third. But over time, there was a restless urge to move, decreased appetite, weight loss of about 5kg, depression and strong suicidal thoughts, which led to discontinuation of the drug. There were no depressive disorders prior to treatment with fluoxetine. Even after treatment, these depressions continue to persist. I have not been taking fluoxetine for five months now and I have not taken the drug with other medicines. In general, however, I can not say that fluoxetine has improved my situration. Nevertheless, I do not regret having decided to donate this supplement because I believe that it can help many people and that the side effects do not always have to be that strong …

  5. Alice R. Miller says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Bulimia; Depression

    Fluoxetine 1A Pharma: Fast action with good tolerability. Mood was quick, life was surrounded by a positive glow. Of course, it does not cure bulimia / depression, but it helps to stay alive. The bingeing in bulimia can stop it conditionally. They became less with me, but did not stop altogether. Overall, highly recommended. Fluoxetine Hexal: Not well tolerated at all, bad suicidal thoughts, worsening of depressive phases, barely any good mood, cramps, headaches. Conclusion: shit! I got on well with the preparation from 1A Pharma, but I had to sell Hexal again because it only made things worse. In both NO weight gain! But I got bad constipation, which in turn led to reliance on laxatives.

    Side effects: Suicidal ideation; Headache