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  1. Val D. Hinton says:
    4.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Dental inflammation

    Twenty minutes after taking Clindamycin dizziness and discomfort occur. A pressure in the heart area scares. After 8 days of taking this drug (3 times 600mg), the tongue is completely furry and the oral cavity shows punctiform, white areas, which feel rough on the tongue – but with the toothbrush wegzubürsten are. Sometimes small blisters are found on the gums in the anterior area of the oral cavity. The bowel movement is soft – but not thin. The taste of this drug is around the clock in the mouth – even one day after discontinuation of this drug. This was an acute inflammation between the roots of a dead tooth, which was built with a titanium screw. The on-call doctor could not ensure the pressure of the inflammation by drilling up the tooth, as this screw was in the way – nor could the tooth be pulled, as only a maxillofacial surgeon was allowed to do it. Therefore, this clindamyzole prescribed 600 1-1-1. So I had to endure a little more than 3 days until the appointment with an oral surgeon. I was able to reduce the pain with Ibuprofen 600 (1-1-1), but only so that I had to endure the pain completely again until after the next work 2 hours before the next dose. Incidentally, I basically got a slight fever in the evening. After removing the tooth, I took Ibuprofen only once, just after the anesthetic became ineffective. 3 days after removal of the tooth by the oral surgeon (who sewed the wound), the pain became more intense, included in addition to the slight fever in the evening even earache, so the house dentist again clindamycin 600 (other company) 1-1-1 prescribed. As a precaution, I should take Eubiol 1×1 (self-payer) to catch problems with the side effects. (whether the side effects such as the o.b. lining on the oral mucosa is related, for me is not certain, but not unlikely). It is clear that the renewed revival of the inflammation caused by the suture, because this had a gap through which food leftovers in the wound and thus caused the further pain chaos. Thus, in the end, I can only report dizziness and pressure on the heart, but I do not know whether the lining in the oral cavity can also be assigned directly to the preparation Clindamycin. The stool is still soft – here I do not know if it is due to the eubiol, the slight fever in the evening was only gone when the intake fell away. I still have the earache. By the way, I’m a smoker, I have not touched a cigarette for seven whole days because of the wound, but if I have a coughing fit now – there comes out a pretty solid brown Schleimzeugs … I do not know if that’s the whole Time was suppressed or perhaps it was only brought out of the deepest depths …. Anyway – until now I have survived!

  2. Patrick S. Collison says:
    3.0 rating

    Apart from the sometimes bitter taste in the mouth, a stomach waning at the end of the treatment, a lack of appetite and a soft stool, there were no problems. Have taken on the 4th day accompanying Perenterol Forte.

  3. Rene W. Meza says:
    4.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Abscess

    I got clindamycin 600 because of an abdominal joke and was so excited that as a hypochondriac I could not stop googling for my experience. After reading a few, I really wondered if I would rather run around with an abscess, especially as I generally have a sensitive stomach and are prone to allergies. But the pain was really nasty and I thought, at least I try – and, what can I say – except for the much reported bitter taste in the mouth and a little softer stool, I have not only no other side effects, but also a quick recovery can. After discontinuing the antibiotic, my digestion quickly normalized and the bitter taste is gone, I did not suffer from rash or other discomfort.

    Side effects: Stuhlerweichung; Bitter taste
  4. Shantel C. Carmona says:
    4.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Dental inflammation

    I took clindamycin for 4 days because of a strong inflammation on a wisdom tooth. I had to take one tablet 3 times a day, preferably 8 hours apart. I could not keep this because I always had to eat something while taking. On day 2, a strong metallic taste began that did not stop. On day 4, I noticed a soft stool that was becoming more frequent. Overall, the intake has brought something and the inflammation disappeared. However, a few days later I got a vaginal fungus and still had difficulties with the bowel movement for ages. The pharmacist has therefore recommended me a therapy to build up the Darflora and said, I should have taken this from the beginning to the antibiotic. I can only recommend this! The taste disappeared immediately after stopping the intake and was really bearable …. For an antibiotic really okay!

    Side effects: Metal taste; Stuhlerweichung