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  1. Jennifer K. Gagne says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello dear ones, also I take paroxetine for about 1 year …….. it is a remedy which helps against the cause itself well, but the side effects are violent ……. have already tried it but it needed it again. What bothered me the most, are the crazy dreams ….. you wake up in the morning and is totally at the end. I feel as if I would run a marathon every night … during the day I am then very exhausted and could sleep for hours …… who knows this problem and knows what you can do better? Greetings Bille

    Side effects: Strong dreaming
  2. Jeanne R. Thompson says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I’ve been taking paroxetine since March 22 and felt better at first – although that was more of a head story. got the medi from the family doctor, because I only on 15 May got an appointment with the psychiatrist. Striking at the beginning was the fatigue. I should take the preparation in the morning. Time was always 7 o’clock, because I made my children ready for the day at this time. At 12 o’clock, it started with yawning. I got so tired. and had to yawn constantly. while yawning, it has somehow been so funny in my legs. I can not describe. then I began to press the jaw together. so much so that my cheek muscles ached. this condition still exists. Suckle at the thumb at night. Dreaming, I dream everything that I experience in the day. they are not necessarily beautiful dreams. even if i just look at the trailer for transformers, i and my family are being persecuted by decepticons. arrange a date for a zoo with a friend and dream the same night, I lose my children there. What I noticed positively is that this constant pressure on the chest is gone. the feeling of being unable to breathe. I do not know if the bloody pluck of my fingers is related to the tablets or the private ones that we currently have. then I had the appointment with the psychiatrist. I told him the symptoms, but he prescribed me paroxetine again. However, ads are also suspected in my adult life. probably the drug strikes so diagonally. I dont know. In July, I have another appointment with the psychiatrist. We will see…

    Side effects: Strong dreaming; Fatigue
  3. Clara D. Paradis says:
    4.5 rating

    I’ve been taking Paroxetine for about 4 years now. I had them prescribed for my family doctor because of panic attacks. The pills helped after a few weeks, but it certainly was my mental attitude to the panic attacks that had helped me to become fearless. After the first time I tried to sell the pills, I quickly regretted having taken this stuff ever. I would certainly have managed to get rid of the anxiety attacks. The side effects when stopping are really the horror. Perhaps I have It just tried in too big steps … but you should have told me that it is not easy werden.Ich suffered massive dizziness, and had something like electric shock in my head. Meanwhile, I know that these side effects occur in many, the paroxetine Since I take paroxetine I always have very intense dreams and wake up often schw I can not remember when I last had a restful sleep. Currently (the 4th time) I try to sell them again and switched to Seroxat Suspension (the same active ingredient) so I can dose more accurately. Take it yesterday I daily 5 ml / 10mg and would like to settle then in 2 mg steps. I notice now again a slight dizziness but I really hope that it works better now. I would recommend Paroxetine only in extreme emergencies. It is best if you try it without medication! The withdrawal is, as I said, quite difficult!