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  1. Amy J. Petri says:
    4.0 rating

    Doxepin for Aggressiveness; Drive disorders; Sleep disorders; Depression

    I’ve been taking mirtazapine for over 4 years, often had intense dreams and did not hear the alarm clock if I got up very early. At some point I had 5 alarm clocks but mostly brought nothing! Then suddenly I always got those dreams of my ex, I was not over him at the time. These dreams came more and more often until I then only dreamed the same and I was at the end, thought the pain tears me and I thought only of these stressful dreams. Then my doctor prescribed me Doxepin, and the dreams have stopped, thank God. But I still did not hear the alarm clock. It was always a pain to get out of bed in the morning, I managed to be punctual at 8 o’clock in 5 years. After falling into a deep hole again, depri with no end, miserable mood, and these aggression I have, avoid crowds at the moment as I am internally freaked out when I am in it, can not endure at the moment when these strangers to me to come close. I would like to box them all away. Then I prescribed my doctor Elontril and I now for 8 days, I noticed that I forget to eat that is bad had many years ne eating disorder, in this case should not actually be taken but I have in the handle when I eat I hope that will go away with the loss of appetite. Now to the best effect, I was the whole week punctually at just before 7 o’clock in the morning out of the houseIt happened that I had a training this week and had to get out so early. After over 5 years, I finally managed to get up so early without any problems, just the hammer that is a huge success for me :)) If I could get rid of this irritability and could be relaxed Elontril would be my miracle, let’s see how it develops ,

  2. Brenda M. Brooks says:
    4.5 rating

    Doxepin for Depression

    Doxepin is an antifungal antidepressant that has a sleep-inducing effect. Sure it works for each person individually, I can only report from my experience. I took Doxepin 50 mg for 6 weeks in the evening, it was supposed to make me sleep-inducing, and it did quite well. I fell asleep quickly, but my dreams were very wild and I had a headache the next morning. In addition, I’ve gained eight kl in this time, even if I’m quite slim, I did not want to take it, because I did not know where the weight now ends. The only good thing was that I fell asleep very quickly, that’s all. My depression did not improve, but I think I should have taken this medicine longer. I dropped it off because of the weight and the headache.

  3. Maria A. Goode says:
    4.5 rating

    Doxepin for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    Doxepin helped me extremely well. First, I took it for chronic abdominal pain after peritoneal plastic surgery including neurotonia. Before that I was so agitated by the constant pain that my face even looked distorted and tense. My doctor prescribed me aponal (doxepin). A few days later, my boss asked what happened to me, I’m so happy, u asked if I’m freshly in love. Nothing like that, but finally finally slept properly and no more stress in my head. After a few months, I was able to sell it. However, three years later I had an extremely traumatic experience, complete burn-out and severe virus infection. Since then daily nerve pain in the head u behind the face. Take Oxygesic 160mg on the day and 150mg doxepin in the evening. Works slackoerdernd without groggy. Also, the sleep is deeper. Striking are the many, intense, colorful dreams, which are almost 100% positive, it’s like being in the cinema at night. On Doxepin fits the book title: The stuff that dreams are made of. I depend on Doxepin, I know. Without Doxepin I lie awake at night and am struggling. Stress. One day I will make the jump.