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  1. Lauren C. Severe says:
    4.0 rating

    For three months, I am taking 20 mg paroxetine in the morning and it works very well. I am out of deep depression and can go back to work. I had side effects at the beginning (nausea, booze, strange dreams), after two / three weeks, nothing at all. The only ones are occasionally restless legs at night, which I have with a careful diet (no coffee after 12 noon, little sugar, no acidic food in the evening, no alcohol) under control. I’m glad that there are medicines for depression and that it works fast and well with me! Before I had Venlafaxin Retard for two / three years, but had to sell it because of the restless legs. I have not gained weight significantly in both medications, but I also pay close attention to it and do more sports or eat less if it is a few pounds too much.

  2. Avis L. Everett says:
    5.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Drive disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    Take paroxetine for about a year. It was prescribed by my psychiatrist because of mild depression, listlessness, future, and social anxiety. My first and only antidepressant. 20mg daily. The side effects came quickly. Stomach pain, heavy sweating, sexual disinterest, headache. After about 4 weeks, the effect began slowly. Social anxiety disappeared increasingly. Easy no-feeling. Almost all initial side effects disappeared after about 2 months. What remains is the loss of libido. I feel like it, but it can be very hard to orgasm. That frustrates me a lot. I also gained weight. Dreams changed a lot after 5 months. Very confused and still very real. In my opinion, I can sleep well. People who sleep next to me, however, claim that I have breath interruption and talk a lot during sleep. My personality has changed a lot. I am more open, no more anxious and active. I wanted to achieve that. Negative (for others) is that I am partly too open and fearless. Come over partially arrogant. The biggest side effect is that it does not bother me. The effect of paroxetine intensifies with me extremely, if I do not eat, take a lot of caffeine or alcohol. I am very active, almost high, fluttery. Besides, I want to do everything, but could forget everything without appointment reminders. A lot of structure helps me. Since paroxetine I have increased alcohol consumption and must be very careful in the area. Not recommended for addicted people.

  3. Florence R. Brauer says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Am on discontinuation of paroxetine: Within 3 weeks I’m down to 10 mg a day. Pull it now for about 10 days and then end. I feel so much better than before. I can sleep againParoxetine helped me for a while, but now I can not recommend it anymore. My mouth was always sore and I was sweating like crazy, very very bad !! In addition, I always had a stomachache + could not sleep anymore !!! Acid belching. And the worst with prolonged use: miserable joint and muscle pain without end, neck stiffness, pain pain everywhere. As a result, I was always sick and had to take more and more drugs, until collapse. I can not anymore. I took 40-60 mg most of the time. I took it about 5 years, with 1, 5 year interruptions. and it has served its purpose. If it is not better with my depression or coming back, then I will do everything I can to avoid taking meds. I will never take paroxetine again.