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  1. Sadie B. Mann says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (chronic); Depression

    Cymbalta has caused me nauseous and sensitive stomach – especially in combination with iron supplements. The iron preparation (ferro sanol) alone has caused no problems, Cymbalta alone after discontinuation of iron tablets only tolerable side effects. In the combination, the nausea after taking but was very strong and has occurred along with stomach pain and cramps. At the same time, however, I have an appetite after the nausea subsides. Although I control my eating habits closely, I’ve grown a lot.

  2. Janet M. Span says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    I take Cymbalta 60mg for about 3months for depression. Although they help very well against my depression and I’m mentally almost flawless, I still can not recommend. I have had some physical problems since taking Cymbalta and have to switch back to another medication. I suffer from constant nausea and vomiting about 3 times a week. In addition, I often have stomach aches and sweat terribly at night. For this I suffer from headaches and dizziness and have daily for 3 months spotting.

  3. Edward C. Cate says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety disorders; Depression

    Initial situation: Moderate to severe depression with suicidal tendencies and strong basic anxieties for years. Small odyssey by doctors’ offices, pharmacies, clinics. After several attempts with similar drugs (for example, Cipralex), I was prescribed by the treating specialist Cymbalta. Since I suffer in parallel to a very painful Athros in the lumbar region, the goal was to use Cymbalta at the same time as an analgesic, which last succeeded largely. The depression and anxiety attacks were largely reduced. As far as the success story – and now the price I had to pay: 1. Continuous insomnia. The sleep deprivation went so far that on some days I took alcohol in large quantities to me to be able to sleep at least once in between one night. This resulted in a chaotic daily routine. I was usually very tired but could not sleep. In addition, persistent jerking of the right side of the body down to the soles of the feet, as soon as one lay. The sleep and sedatives prescribed for the occasion had practically no effect. 2. Hypertension & amp; Cardiovascular disorders: Hypertension was treated with the drug Vascord. Here, however, came the o.g. Alcohol consumption in the way (this topic is treated only in passing). 3. After several weeks of treatment with Cymbalta, there were pronounced allergies and water in the legs, which swelled up and I could barely use the existing shoes. There were small open spots on the legs and the dermatologist warned me urgently in front of permanently open legs. 4. Extensive libido loss 5. Extremely disturbing dry mouth i.V. 6. A very strange effect of taking 2x30mg = 60mg Cymbalta daily, in my view, was that the described back pain and pain in the left leg increased dramatically when taking only 30 mg Cymbalta compared to the initial state and on the Level of 60 mg overall decreased noticeably again. 7. Secondary disorders: dizziness, pain in the kidney area, abdominal pain, burning eyes i.V. with vision problems, freezing at room temperature with goose bumps?!, problems with joints similar to rheumatism, permanent eructation, rudimentary features, which are comparable to Parkinson’s. Conclusion: Now that some synthetic Phamazeutika for the treatment of depression and anxiety under medical supervision with me came to the application and the drug Cymbalta proved by far the most compatible, strengthened with me the feeling, in this way an increasing, creeping poisoning of my body not to be missed, especially as the above Allergy i. V. with itching all over the body became more and more disturbing. After I was again prescribed a drug just against such side effects, I have in my sole discretion `pulled the emergency brake and now I prescribed an immediate stop of taking all drugs of synthetic origin. From now on I try to `detoxify` the body. After that, I will use natural remedies such as B. Hyperiplant 600 return! Although these herbal medicines cause due to the necessarily high concentrations, regularly pronounced intestinal colic, but a regular sleep is guaranteed and a permanent sleep deprivation would be the end for me anyway. At the same time, I hope to get through a week’s withdrawal and conversion to some extent. CC to my doctors

  4. Norma S. Silver says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (chronic)

    Have it for chronic headache. In contrast, it only helped in the first month (possibly only placebo effect?), After that, the effect lessened rather. But since it helped me somewhat against the depressive moods that had come with the years of pain, I took it further. After a while in the morning, I had inexplicable stomach cramps and at some point just ate gruel. Unfortunately, I noticed only when discontinuing that probably the drug had been to blame, because the symptoms disappeared immediately. In addition, I was sweating more and more, even without effort, wearing only black clothes where I could not see it, and sometimes I could not get out, especially when physical activity was in order because it made me uncomfortable to sweat. I gained 35 kilograms and had orgasm disorders especially at the beginning of the treatment. My period did not come up at some point and the problem did not solve itself even after stopping. In addition, I was a bit cocky on the drug, dared me things that ultimately overwhelmed me. After weaning, because I just could not ignore the weight gain with torn connective tissue (until then the doctors had managed to convince me that it was not the drug, I just overeat and did not exercise too much … haha ), since I hardly ate anything and did sport for an hour every day and continued to gain weight, the side effects only partially disappeared completely. I lost about 15 kilos, but not the rest, sweating went away, orgasm disorder too, stomach problems too, period did not come again. Thanks Cymbalta.

  5. Dwight L. Hoang says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety disorders; Depression

    In the first 4 weeks I got the medication from my specialist 30mg every 2 days, then every day 30mg and tolerated except a little diarrhea, tremors, intense dreams relatively well. We raised the dose to 60mg as the drug level in the blood was too low. Most severe side effects, extreme diarrhea, complete loss of appetite, stomach pain, insomnia, extreme increase in blood pressure, sweating, severe shaking, restlessness, chagrin, severe concentration difficulties. At a doctor’s visit, I had a blood pressure of 230/110 pulse 130, the dose was immediately reduced to 30mg and since then I am doing relatively well with the drug. My panic and anxiety attacks have improved a little, I feel more normal and balanced, so that I can resume my job after more than 6 months illness. Occasionally headache (if I forget a dose), as well as diarrhea (if taken on an empty stomach) and loss of appetite.