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  1. Tyler B. Mitchell says:
    1.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Pharyngitis

    Clarithromycin only three days (2x a day) taken. Within a short amount of time, I got a lot of abdominal pain, a change in my sense of smell, anxiety and dizziness. I advise everyone from this drug! I’ve never had such symptoms before, so I assume it’s related to taking this drug. In addition, the symptoms slowly resolved after about four days.

  2. Shirley C. Heintz says:
    4.5 rating

    i had ALL side effects! had signs of a cerebral sinus infection and a little coughing. My family doctor prescribed me 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. This should have been bad. On a Monday evening I took the first tablet. Tuesday – Wednesday I had tremendous rest. On wednesdays I suffered 2 hours of cramps. I’m not pitying, but I really thought I had to die. Every 7 minutes a spasm paired with violent sweats, diarrhea and vomiting despite pain medication !. the next morning everything was normal, 2 hours after taking it I felt so bad that I had to go to the hospital. In addition, an elevated liver value was found there. Never again!

  3. Nicholas J. Griffis says:
    4.5 rating

    I was prescribed this antibiotic because of the inflamed neck, gums, sinuses, and ears. I am now on the third of 7 days of ingestion. In contrast to other medicines, the parts taste very good, the first minutes after taking a pleasant vanilla taste, what more could you ask for? On the first day, I was slightly confused and restless, often had a bitter taste in my mouth, and diarrhea. Yesterday morning I woke up and since then I have a strong stomach ache and I hear my pulse (ffffh-ffffh-ffffh). Since then I hardly do anything to taste. In the afternoon I had a slight headache. I was still restless. Going to sleep, I then took because of the (really strong) abdominal pain a slight iboprofen, which you can allegedly without hesitation to take. After about 30 minutes, my running a little bit drooped and I fell asleep quickly. I had diarrhea again at night, and the stomach pains, headaches, the drawing pulse and the dizziness were all still there. Well, now, after all, my kisses run very well together, but the abdominal pain is really cruel. The symptoms that forced me to take it are now much better. In 4 days the thank God is over.

  4. Debra E. Arnette says:
    3.5 rating

    Clarithromycin for Bronchitis (acute)

    The first few days severe flatulence and abdominal pain. Constantly a bitter taste in the mouth. On the penultimate day, severe rash developed on the scalp and ear. The sinuses are not completely cured even after 10 days of taking.

  5. Donna K. Miranda says:
    3.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Sinusitis

    Within a few hours of taking it, I felt stinging stomach pains and a bitter taste in my mouth. After that, my stomach blew with severe upper abdominal pain. Diarrhea and abdominal cramping then followed. This phase lasted about 5 hours, then everything was fine again. After taking each tablet, the process was repeated exactly the same. After consultation with my doctor I was prescribed a stomach protection (pantoprazole). With the gastric protection, the stinging stomach ache was slightly better, but overall, each tablet still meant 5 hours of pain and toilet visits. Concomitants on the one hand were severe tiredness, on the other hand sleep disturbances at night, slight skin irritations on the face, changes in taste, sweating and wild dreams with confusion and depressive states. I have the drug after consultation with my doctor after 3 days (6 tablets).

  6. Jo Z. Evans says:
    4.5 rating

    Clarithromycin for Bronchitis (acute)

    Am a fear patient and take paracetamol for almost 8 years. However, I have had cold and bronchitis for 1.5 weeks. After the doctor’s visit I was prescribed clarithronycin with the dosage of 2 tablets daily. After the first day I had taste disorders, on the second day I got panic attacks, on the third day I had a completely inflamed palate and since the 4th day I have constantly panic attacks: constricted chest, cold in the heart area, pressure in the upper abdomen, sweating and tremors whole body. Must go back tomorrow to the doctor and hope that it really is only the side effects, because the pressure in the upper abdomen (the heart) is still holding. Now I’m scared again and my cold and bronchitis are still there.

  7. William J. Morgan says:
    5.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Lung infection

    Have taken the drug Clarithromycin 500 due to a delayed pneumonia (7 days in the morning and evening each 1×500). At first only metallic taste and a bit churned. On days two and three then crass side effects have occurred, insomnia with total over-revulsion, hallucinations, severe chest pain left, permanent tachycardia, nosebleeds, stomach pain, diarrhea, so almost nothing is not on the list of side effects … have the drug then arbitrarily immediately discontinued and it took about 1 full day before the symptoms subsided (not completely disappeared). After consultation with my stressed doctor on clarithromycin an unusual reaction indicates an intolerance, stop immediately (I had already done so at that time). A year ago I took a combination antibiotic treatment for Heliobacter, including clarithromycin, which I had no side effects at the time. It was definitely borderline and the strong pressure in the left chest, the heart racing and the hallucinations, I also panic. Luckily, it stayed the same and the reaction is slowing down … nevertheless, I’m now warned about this drug / drug and extremely careful about antibiotics. As a short edge info, I am a vegetarian (so no meat / fish antibiotics, etc.), have a gluten intolerance and Hashimoto.

  8. Susan A. Castillo says:
    1.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Cold; Tonsillitis

    on the first day everything was great, no Nebenwrikungen and immediate relief of the sore throat. on the second day then light diarrhea, press on the third day then more often diarrhea and headache, as well as nausea and abdominal pain, today 4th day strong nausea and stomach distress, as well as frequent diarrhea, independently reduce the application of 2 to 1 tablet per day, on no case for 10 days

  9. Lisa T. Swanson says:
    2.0 rating

    Clarithromycin for Respiratory infections

    After taking it I was often bad, although I had eaten before, strong urination often let me run into the toilet, at night and especially in the morning stomach aches which I could reduce a little with fennel anise caraway tea. In addition, I often had the taste of the tablet in my mouth.

    Side effects: Stomach pain; Nausea