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We have 108 consumer reports for Aldara. Sore throat effect occurred in 4%.

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  1. Erica R. Kaplan says:
    4.5 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    I was in despair when I realized what I had captured. The doctor wanted to prescribe me condylox first. But dab in the anal area itself? I got aldara on request. Immediately after the first application, I imagined that one was already flatter. it was followed by slight soreness and quite bad itching partially. now, after exactly 14 days, there is almost nothing left. the warts are almost gone. I’m excited. However, in the morning I often have a sore throat, feel limp and sometimes have headache and a slight nausea. but you should go through that! at the same time I also use schüssler salts! especially no. 3 and 5! ev. also 10 and 25. important is the psyche … to imagine again and again how they disappear.

    Side effects: Sore throat; Itching; Headache