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  1. Betty H. Ranson says:
    3.5 rating

    Ramipril for Heart rhythm disturbances; High blood pressure

    1) irritating cough, severe tiredness, clouding of consciousness, fluent cough 2) irritable cough, runny nose, dizziness, poorly dreamed, too tired even after discontinuation of ramipril and further intake of Concor, same side effects 3) so far none

  2. Carol E. Bingham says:
    4.0 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    Take Ramipril for about 3 weeks now for hypertension, because Amlodipine did not help. Side effects include: chest pain, cough, runny nose, mild breathing difficulties, sometimes severe tiredness and palpitations. Will continue to take the medication until the appointment of the cardiologist in one week, because e.g. Amlodipine had even worse side effects!

  3. Brandon G. Harris says:
    4.5 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    Have taken Ramipril 2.5mg for 1-0-0 for 1year with the above side effects. Already thought to have an allergy. However, after dose increase Ramipril 5mg 1-0-0, the side effects, especially the irritable cough at night, also worsened. I can not prove Ramipril my gradual loss of weight through loss of appetite. The blood pressure was optimally adjusted by Ramipril. Now switching to Olmetec 10mg, so far no side effects, duration of action even higher.