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  1. Lawrence S. Cassady says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Hello! I must first comment on the review, since I find it better not to have to take medication, but well. I seem to have contracted a psychosis about 6 years ago, so 100% I can not understand that, I think a consequence of depressive mood, stress, excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse ………… Bumm but now! Hmm, what can I say actually I can not change anything now, but the first time I was treated then in 2006 with Abilify and got in the course of this also Mirtabene prescribed. So I did not postpone both and had to take Abilify in the morning and Mirtabene in the evening. Was crazy, I was turned up like a music box could hardly concentrate and was uneasy hoch2. In the evening the Mirtabene have given me a damper that I fell asleep after half an hour after taking, but was not restful sleep. Was the next morning so finished, missed me the Abilify and jumped like an uncontrolled electric motor. After half a year, I dropped her off and just wanted to detoxify her! In 2008, I was prescribed Seroquel which was more tolerable, but I could not assign the effect, in company with Tresleen, both were somehow funny to observe, from Seroquel I did not realize that they have used nor a side effect. Tresslen was more of a hilarity pill which was somehow recognizable, but that’s just not possible. But I thought after 5 months I was stable enough and wanted to sell them both again, which I also with Dr. med. have done! Approximately two months (2009) on it I had a flu infection, which was treated by the family doctor with antibiotics, was bedridden for 2 weeks and then sucked out like a lemon. I was a service technician and I quit my job, I did not have the strength anymore, and I barely got the strength over the summer, with lots of nature, healthy food, what else do I know ……. there was nothing left , am still unemployed and must start from January 2010 with a new therapy, in the course of a pension application! Depressive concomitants, muscle pain, breath control (passes into anxiety, not ache), nervousness, and social phobic approaches, degradation v. Selbstverdrauen.etc.etc. I think that some things come together, private, sanitary-spiritual-physical Maybe there is someone who, on the whole, has similar experiences, how long the procedure has been, there is a final cure, is a loss of strength orauerent or passes again. OK, I would get a lot of ideas, but it’s fine the way I put it together.

  2. Elizabeth D. Brown says:
    5.0 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Hello people, my name is Lena, I had a psychosis and I was in the clinic for three months. That did not help me at all and I went home the same way I was at the beginning, but with 10 kilos more weight. Furthermore I took Seroquel and Lyrica. I slept very badly, have no appetite. In three months I weighed 83 kilos instead of 53 kilos. I still had crazy restlessness and anxiety. When I sent my pictures to my mother, she tore them up and threw them away, saying she never saw me like this before. Then within a week the six tablets Seroquel and Lyrica dropped off and everything was discarded and my mother sent me Flufenasin in ampoules. I inject myself with a vial 25mg once in two months. And Rivotril and Tavor threw in the trash. In three months I had lost the 30 kilos and we have made a very nice holiday with my friend on Tenerife. I am proud of myself and I love and thank my friend who has taken everything with me

  3. Nick H. Martin says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for A headache; Sleep disorders

    Venlafaxin beta 150 mg: mild gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea) in the first week, continued sleep-through problems, headache, dizziness Seroquel prlong 50mg: first week nausea, light-headedness, but slept better after 4 days, from week 2 less Kofschmerz and dizziness , 3 kg added within 3 weeks!