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  1. Lee L. Hart says:
    5.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    I currently take 12 mg Risperdon orally a day and besides, I get a Risperdal Depot Syringe of 50 mg every 2 weeks My experiences until now, for example, internal restless .. restlessness .. Stiffness on the body … mild headache … Sleep problems and getting up … the feeling that it forces straightening works .. and erection problems and sexual reluctance hope if I discontinued the oral tablets that the erection problems are fixed that’s a matter of time .. Normally Risperdal against psychosis is good … I was already earlier only 25 mg Risperdal Depot set without additional tablets except Akineton against the side effects..and I had no Errektionprobleme … want to go back to the level of earlier … The reason why I take more now because I’ve tried something new and why would like to come back to my old drug … vllt anyone here can give me advice ??

  2. Maurice R. Morrow says:
    5.0 rating

    Risperdal for Dissociative disturbance; Borderline; Depression

    Venlafaxin: I was pretty sick at the beginning and I felt restless. In the evening I had sleep problems, which I actually have, but I felt it was getting worse. This went away after 4 weeks but the sleep problems remained. The dose had to be increased, after the 4 weeks, however, and the same started from the beginning. I also had absolute libido problems at the beginning. In the meantime, I got the maximum dose of 375 mg, which later was reduced to 225 mg, which I then took until recently, because it just did not bring much and I got another drug (Elontril). It helped a lot against my impulsivity in the beginning, but later it got more and more relaxed. Later in the case means after about 2 years. Other medicines such as Cymbalta or other sertonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, however, have done nothing. Risperidone: Risperidone left me relatively relaxed and a little tired, but otherwise I did not experience any side effects. I took 2 mg of it a day. My susceptibility to fall into a dissotiation was noticeably lower and I felt better with this drug. Clonidine: From clonidine, I realized that I was calmer and did not feel the urge to hurt myself. I had no side effects. Neurocil: From Neurocil I noticed a fast sedative effect, which was very strong for me. I just wanted to sleep afterwards and had problems talking. My thoughts were very funny and totally confused.