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  1. John B. Knight says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyban for Nicotine searches

    I started smoking when I was just 13 years old. Today I am 33 years old and since February 2013 non-smoker. I had often heard of this drug mostly negative such as tachycardia, tastelessness, etc. Until I finally decided to speak to my doctor on it, when I received the go-ahead from my doctor, I immediately got this drug Zyban from the pharmacy (67,50 € ). The description says that you should no longer smoke on the 8th day, I have smoked for 10 days while taking the drug. Already on the 2nd day I noticed that the cigarette tastes different, the enjoyment had subsided. I continued to smoke normally as usual, it was not the same as before with the cigarette the changed taste that’s all so weird. On the 11th day I left smoking, of course that was difficult in the beginning. From the feeling I would say that this drug can help to 70% as support, the remaining 30% is up to you. As with all things, one should have a strong will and stick to it. I decided on a day I wanted to stop, 10 days before that day I started to take ZYban. During this time I was physically and physically prepared for this day. Again as a short summary .. Side effects: Sleep disorder, and a huge food addiction or hunger. Since you put on the way so by the way 5-6Kg. You should make sure you are ready to stop before taking this medication. It’s not a miracle cure, but it’s 70% aid that I can say from my own experience.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders
  2. Vickie H. Cornelius says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyban for Nicotine searches

    Zyban has helped me extremely well to quit smoking. The cigarettes tasted less and less so that it was not difficult to omit them altogether. Since it is a highly effective and also psychoactive drug, the ingestion was a special experience with ups and downs and dealing with yourself and the addiction. It was very worthwhile. To this day, three years after taking it, I never had the craving for nicotine. It is as if the topic of smoking was never known to me, so quasi from my head completely deleted as if this chapter had never existed. Therefore, I can really recommend these tablets, despite some side effects!

    Side effects: Sleep disorders
  3. Debra P. Clark says:
    4.0 rating

    I have been smoking for over 20 years. I have tried to quit smoking several times. Every time I went up the walls and was pretty depressed. With Zyban, it was amazingly easy for me to stop. It was as if someone had deleted my memory of smoking. I was lucky, because I had hardly any side effects. There were at most 2 nights, when I was poorly closing. Oh yes, my dreams were a bit strange. I had the feeling that my skin was drier than usual. I did not miss the smoking from the beginning of the cessation. Slightly depressed, I was only about in the first week, where I then deposed Zyban. But that passed very quickly. Now I’m fine and I have not been smoking for 4 months. I disgust myself even with the stench. I can recommend Zyban to anyone! I’m overjoyed that there is something like that.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders