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  1. Ronald R. Dominick says:
    3.5 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    For Solian 2x 450 mg: Great appetite, drowsiness, depression and sleep disorders. Zyprexa 17.5 mg Morning dead tired, tachycardia, tremendous weight gain. Risperdal: Tiredness, Sexually Restricted, Neck Stiffening and Itching. Tavor from 3.5 mg down to 2 mg per day: fears increased due to prolonged use over years. Muscle cramps, panic and increased social phobia.

  2. Margaret P. Chiu says:
    4.0 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    150g Solian / day In the first week I could not sleep at night and was wide awake. After that, it was regulated quickly. The voices and horror scenarios in my head disappeared quickly and reliably and I was very clear and could focus well on my daily routine. As a side effect were cycle disorders (initially constantly bleeding, then letting the cycle) and a constant hunger. Had despite ever increasing amounts of food the feeling, nothing to have eaten. This gives 10 kg of weight gain. Since I had an eating disorder for a long time, this new, complete loss of control over eating and growing gradually led me to thoughts of suicide. Which is why I finally refused to continue taking the tablets. My doctor then slowly discontinued the drug, and since then, the voices and images have not occurred again (although the external conditions that have caused the crisis in my exams-etc. are now over).

  3. Michael L. Vankirk says:
    3.5 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    I have after years of drug use to a paranoid shizophrenia. First I got zyprexa on it, but I’m still more has somehow not helped at all. Then I got solian and that’s what I jumped on. I was calmer and the hallozination, vote in the head and so let nach.dann came but massive sleep disorders with acute alpträumen.ich could sleep for less than an hour on the piece but have not dreamed in the time NEN whole feature film and I woke up sweatbathed. after a few months that has also laid down. I have drowsiness still and standing fully blown on every morning but on the whole it is ertragbar.aso I have also gained.20 kilograms I had increased within a short time but for a few years I’ve lost weight again, is perhaps synonymous s.der work aufm construction ,

  4. Johnathan V. Jones says:
    4.5 rating

    Solian for Psychosis

    At the beginning with 800 mg: weight gain of about 10 KG, long time after the onset of sleep (some nights have been awake), increase of the prolactin level. I lost weight again, with triathlon – almost normal weight again. Otherwise no more side effects. I will take my low dose (300 mg) for a while.