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  1. Kenneth J. Haley says:
    4.5 rating

    Promethazine for Anxiety disorders; Obsessive compulsive disorder; Sleep disorders

    Take sertraline for about one and a half years now in the high dosage 150 mg / day. The effect has gradually improved, reaching its peak after about 4 months, which has since then continued. For decades, compulsive thoughts and social anxiety as well as depressive moods have almost completely improved. Even initial side effects have diminished over time. So, the only side effect of sertraline is a sleep disorder, but I have it with promethazine under control.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders
  2. Kent K. Kumar says:
    4.0 rating

    Promethazine for Depression; Sleep disorders

    As a side effect, moclobemide results in mild, unrestricted vision disorders, mild, unrestricted vision problems, sleep disorders. In this case, since the previous discontinuation of venlafaxine (in the long term to serotonin syndrome) the effect of moclobemide was not allowed to be too good, d. H. In the long term not too much serotonin remains in the brain, 200 mg instead of 300 mg would be ideal. Compared to many incompatible SSRIs, moclobemide proved to be significantly more effective. Promethazine neuraxpharm 25 mg was taken to correct the sleep disorders and corrected them well. As side effects of promethazine neuraxpharm occur loss of appetite (desire for sex) and premature ejaculation on. Depression is one of the very few sources of stabilizing the disease in the natural way, so depressive problems are particularly detrimental.

  3. Manuel J. Pyron says:
    4.5 rating

    Promethazine for Social phobia; Obsessive compulsive disorder; Sleep disorders

    After four months, my third report on Sertraline. Correct statements on effects and side effects can only be made after a longer period of use. After gradual dose increase I take 150 mg daily for about two months. Side effects have significantly reduced after a while. The only side effects that are worth mentioning for me are sleep disorders, which also occurred only after a dose of 100 mg. Previously I was able to sleep well with the Sertralin. For sleeping, therefore, I take promethazine drops (so 20-30 mg daily). I’m fine with this station wagon now. The Sertralin prepares a fairly constant good mood. Thoughts, social fears, fears of expectation and future fears have improved significantly, the distance to the constraints and to the everyday problems has increased. Since it is about the mirror, I do not immediately feel that I take a medi. Sertraline does not quench (on the contrary it causes the sleep disorder) and improves the ability to concentrate. No weight gain.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders
  4. Anh T. Calhoun says:
    3.5 rating

    Promethazine for Depression

    tingling and numbness in the left side, shortness of breath, lumps in the throat, cold sweats in the least strenuousness, funny taste in the mouth (like vomited about), nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, heart pain, tachycardia, nightmares, tremors, malaise, hot flashes, …