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  1. Archie J. Garcia says:
    4.5 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    A transfer of my general practitioner to the Diabetologische focused practice brought a new drug setting within the ICT and me in 2008 for the first time with Actos 15 in contact. At the same time, the accompanying medication was adjusted to Metformin 500, later to Metformin 1000. Almost parallel, there was an inexplicable nausea, which even brought me out of bed once every night and into the bathroom in anticipation of a nausea that never came. I have even had this examined once with a gastroscopy, of course, without findings. However, the insulin resistance decreased very slowly – it turned a long-term (!?) A more stable blood sugar levels. Until then, however, changed the indication of Actos 15 on Actos 30 to Actos 45 for a once-a-day single dose. In the meantime, slight edema in the legs had developed, which I ascribed in advance to the phlebitis, which had already been treated surgically before the onset of diabetes. However, a newly developed compensatory vein for the previously drawn has apparently not formed. The skin on the legs, after being burnt for years, became increasingly glassy, i.e., hard and extremely sensitive. Now she was additionally stretched from the inside by water retention and, of course, minor injuries due to diabetes healed much more slowly. In addition, I hardly ever fit a pair of shoes. The new HA simply prescribed a dehydrating drug (HCT) and increased the dose to 25mg twice daily, although it is warned against long term use. He came to my presumed coronary insufficiency with the prescription of a beta-blocker (ACE) without consulting a cardiologist. The shortness of breath, however, remained. Later, he switched to enalapril 20, mainly against high blood pressure. Other chronic diseases that have been with me for more than 20 years have widened. Once a year occurring forehead u. Sinusitis also appeared suddenly in the summer and remained unusually persistent and long. The first ENT doctor consulted the case with a far too low dose of antibiotic, and for the first time also had an allergic reaction with which I never had to fight before. Sinusitis dominated my head for a good three weeks and has been on more and more often ever since. The blood glucose levels derailed significantly each time, especially in the morning. A muscle tension in the back I attributed to a nocturnal chill, which may have been caused by a slipped Zudecke, but I had a good four weeks, an exceptionally painful muscle strain on the right back. A misstep on the descent from the second step of a stepladder was followed by a fall back on soft mossy turf, but as it rolled, it squeezed my right arm roughly into the right side, culminating in a six-week healed healing of a broken rib. From a ridiculous crawl on all fours to plant a garden-bed, I was unable, as a result of shortness of breath, to raise myself again, and fell on my stomach, like a fish on dry land. All shopping trips by bike regularly lead, despite adapted clothing, to torrents of sweat that stream out of all the pores of my head, as if you had turned on a water tap. – After that, I often have to recover for over an hour lying on my bed and change clothes completely. My consumption of kitchen rolls has increased dramatically in the last two years, but not by the need for kitchen work. The fragrance that accompanied me for over ten years, would rather not speak. Unfortunately, I barely smell it myself and may therefore often let me respond to it. A particularly unpleasant side effect is the coloring of body sweat. The ingested drug cocktail bleeds outright yellow in the underwear and can be bleached only by the soaking in dilute chlorine detergent for several days before cooking with the machine at all again. Another normality associated with diabetes sequelae are nerve disorders, especially on the extremities. Whenever I lie down for more than a few minutes, the numbness begins in the toes and bones of both feet. As soon as I stand and walk, the feeling subsides, regardless of any “sugar pleasure”. Since I also suffered from increased sleep disturbances in previous years, often due to occupational stress, at first I could not see any direct connection with Actos 45. However, I believe that especially after reading the internet I should reevaluate the context of action. Often I fall asleep with exhaustion for one to three hours, then I’m back – also deep in the night

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Nausea
  2. William W. Meyer says:
    3.5 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Starting visual disturbance, blurred vision; Weight gain well 35Kg in the 5 years; Impotence and constantly tired, as well as mad pain in the large joints, especially the knee joints. Every way is too far and hurts. Enormous water retention in the lower legs. Sleep disorders; If it takes a long time to sleep at most 2 hours at a time and erectile dysfunction. On the whole side effects only become aware of through conversations with other patients, only then / now only read the leaflet. The treating diabetologist did not notice anything during the whole time. New doctor’s appointment is already, then he has to come up with something. I’m so sorry! Actually, I could have read the note from Actos 45 right away, but I followed the doctor’s instructions and took it nicely. Never again!

  3. Peggy R. Steib says:
    3.0 rating

    Metformin for Cholesterol value increase; High blood pressure; Diabetes mellitus type i

    Before taking without diagnosis of diabetes: tiredness, constant sleep, no desire to do something, strong sweating, strong overweight, no condition but absolute well-being. With taking the medication: Constant internal muscle twitching, especially at night. Restlessness, anxiety, trembling, severe muscle spasms, sudden pain in the upper arms or legs, sometimes back pain from the neck (looking down). Listlessness and listlessness (no sex life anymore), insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, constant reflection and can not switch off, burning sensation in the stomach, chest pain, constant feeling unwell, panic attacks / fear of death sporadically occurring ….. I could write the list even further. It is important that I have a happy and contented life before taking the tablets described without any health problems, except, of course, the high sugar value, which I now have almost under control with a nutrition education and-Umstellung.