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  1. Annie S. Landry says:
    4.0 rating

    Enalapril for High blood pressure

    Tramadol are better to dose in the form of drops. At the 100 Long (3-5 pieces at the beginning) I initially had hallucinations – until I am down to 200 mg again. Sleep disorders – which did not upset me by taking – it was all indifferent. After years of use – prescribed after a few surgeries – I had the withdrawal, strong withdrawal symptoms.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders
  2. Andrew V. Kelly says:
    5.0 rating

    Enalapril for High blood pressure

    The first three days after taking virtually no side effects. Effect was amazing. Then sleep disorders, night sweats and nausea. Since the doctor suggested me a 12-hour intake over 4 days, then later increased to 6 days, I discontinued the tablets after 5.5 days. The worst side effects improved, but the symptoms of epididymitis, which only occurred on the right epididymis, occurred on the left epididymis. This happened on a Friday night. Since I wanted to bridge the time until Monday, I took the unused Ciprobeta tablets, i. 2.5 days. Now the side effects hit brutally. Chest pain, sleep disorders, muscle pain z. B. on the left forearm, chewing muscles and neck, on the legs, nausea and a total fatigue. It was unbearable. Today I visited my family doctor, who prescribed me 5 days with Roxithromycin AL 150 mg. I had taken that ready years ago with another (nose) inflammation with good success and no side effects. I hope the side effects disappear