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  1. Bobby M. Courtemanche says:
    2.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Trigeminal neuralgia

    With the 1st tablet Cymbalta increasing last nausea, the stronger, the longer it is applied. Could only eat tea and biscuits after 5 days. Restlessness and insomnia, severe loss of libido and erectile dysfunction – the side effects have been unacceptably high, practically with the first tablet and then increased.

  2. Darlene R. Knight says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (joint); Depression

    I have been in treatment for depression and other disorders since 2000. I got Cytalophram Biomo at that time. After about 2 months but because of absolute feeling alienation (blockades in the experience) even discontinued. Without settling phenomena. Since 2008, I take Cymbalta slowly increased to 120mg, less had no effect. In the beginning my pain and depression disappeared on the whole. Later, however, unfortunately came to sleep, loss of libido and listlessness as side effects. Unfortunately, I have combated my sleep with alcohol. Since I was not satisfied with the result, I dropped off Cymbalta at short notice. Big mistake! Aggression, tachycardia, increased resting heartbeat, suicidal thoughts came already from the second day of depopulation. Without end in sight. So I took Cymbalta again. Mending was immediately there. Only in particularly strong restlessness, I take for a year nor in addition Tavor ne half tablet. This helps very well and I have no side effects. For about 3 weeks I have, after reducing the dose to 60mg Cymbalta completely discontinued. The aggression is not so bad, my libido is slowly coming back. But now come other settling phenomena. Slight to moderate Brainzaps, extreme itching, abnormal sleep rhythm (7-16 clock then sleep until 5-7 o’clock awake), loss of the identity (do not remember what’s real to me and what was only generated by my personality disorder). All in all, I’m really dirty. Now I hope to find another solution (medication) with my doctor. Will you suggest to try Elontril? According to the testimonials here, the side effects do not seem to be that serious. If someone knows an advice, please write.

  3. Marisa M. Paull says:
    2.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Neuropathy

    At the beginning with evening intake considerable sleep disturbances with restless legs, now taking in the morning – sleep through possible, strong sweating and stomach discomfort, got before Amitripthylin but not tolerated (has a better efficiency)

  4. Lester R. Villarreal says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for A headache

    I have strong taste changes with Cymbalta. Any liquids such as mineral water or lemonade you can hardly drink because it tastes so salty and strange. Sometimes I have more of a headache than a reduced one. Hardly any changes with the psyche. I still take 30mg of capsules and still have a lot of fatigue and sleep disturbance after a long time. I am not sure if the sleep disorders come from Cymbalta or rather from my psyche. But since I came back from a clinic where I have been given quite a few medications, I have these suffering sleep disorders. I also got Cymbalta there and was able to sleep at the beginning most of the time. I have not taken most medications for a few months, but I still have permanent sleep disturbances. Although I am not sure if it is due to this drug.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Fatigue
  5. Marilyn P. Adam says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (chronic); Depression

    I take Cymbalta 60mg in the morning because of depression and chronic pain. In addition in the evening 25mg Valdoxan. The initial side effects of Cymbalta, such as aggression and sleep disturbance, diminished after about 4 weeks and an improvement in mood also occurred relatively quickly. The drive-increasing effect has occurred only moderately with me. The chronic pain (fibromyalgia) could not be influenced by this drug and thus I take additionally Valoron, Ibuprofen and Katadolone as needed. Other side effects include poor concentration and memory as well as dizziness. All in all, I tolerate Cymbalta very well and hope for further improvement. It is also positive that I could not find any weight changes. In the beginning, I even lost a few pounds, which has since re-regulated.

  6. Regina J. Thompson says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (acute); Depression

    To all women here and all who will soon find in this forum! Actually, I have searched for reports of the drug Cymbalta for the following reason: After I was extremely well during the time with Cymbalta, I felt fit and resilient again, had a lot of positive thoughts and could look forward to things properly, went it goes downhill after just 3 months. Why did I ask myself? There were no reasons why I became depressed again, had pain all over my body again, a burning sensation in my upper body, my shoulders hurt as if it had a ton load. I also felt my neck again. Totally the whole body cramps in fear. I have a small child to look after but in such a state it is overworking and just annoying but in truth I could cry because she and my partner are just sorry for me. You feel restricted and not free and you can not be happy. Everything laughs but you can not find anything funny anymore. Then I browsed a bit and lo and behold, my eyes immediately fell on the MIRENA. Oh, horror, what did I have to read, but the best part was that it was pretty much in line with my experience. After my neurologist told me I was no longer depressed, would have a good perspective privately and professionally, everything healthy and happy because I still thought beaming – yes, now it’s uphill again! 3 months later – see above:, – (Now I really wondered if there could be any connection between them.) In the meantime I think that’s the case: In January 2005 our daughter was born, in June 2005 I was on my advice FÄ MIRENA lay something went smoothly and I felt no pain.The advertising for this great product my FÄ has done well because otherwise I would not have decided on it – before I lived hormone free so for years without a pill side effects were mentioned as a little tension headache or occasionally circulatory problems could all these small NW would give in the course of time.When she gave me the MIRENA passport because I thought to myself – I must be proud now, this is something like an organ donor card, Can you pass them on in the event of a fall? You know at least how long they can still afford their services because of the date SPRING 2007 at least it started when I could not sleep properly at night, got fears, feeling cold which a gut is getting colder towards the heart. Tingling in the fingers and toes. More and more often I sat on the couch at night, totally restless and I was so shaky and frozen and had fears. Incredible. I registered with my family doctor for check, but it was all ok. Back home – 2 weeks so it goes on with concentrated power until I’m just crooked and cried. I just wanted to be like before, be happy, be happy. I could not do that. Family doctor referred me to the neurologist, the rest is known then. Mentioned that I have a hormone spiral I have two doctors said that do not believe that there is a connection because the hormones are so minimal doses, etc. etc. With my neurologist, I was once again a regular guest and if I feel a fear again I should if necessary take 1 tabl. lorazepam. But it was all before I read the reports about MIRENA. I have recommended this site to my sister, brother and all that I know and everyone immediately informed me and was speechless. Anyway, I decided as an emergency in another practice to let the spiral because my FÄ is on vacation. That was on Monday, 06.10.2008. Before we had a conversation by mentioning how it would be if I prefer to take the medication again or if it is perhaps the thyroid gland? No she is not! Then she said that she used hundreds of these spirals, but she would not have heard anything like that, but she takes my complaints seriously, hoping that I feel better afterwards. She would also have a very good contact with my FÄ then it would interest you how it went on with me. On leaving, almost all the rooms were open and on each bunk and everywhere and on the walls and knows the vulture where still the name MIRENA stung my eye. Do they also have a pool at home – sponsored by MIRENA Side effects that I attribute to this are: anxiety, feeling cold, constant pondering d. something bad happens, concentration problems, upper body pain u. Poor, tingling (hands and feet), feeling of fullness and constant burping, photosensitivity, unreality. Susceptible to infections. I have no more Mirena, I’m glad and wait for it that I am physically and mentally better again what I am in the past

  7. Robert J. Daly says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Drive disorders; Obsessive compulsive disorder; Adh syndrome; Depression

    The effect is so far the best for me among all SSRI’s, SNRI’s … Little sexual side effects, perfect drive increase, I am less active than under sertraline, venafaxine, fluoxetine … All in all, a very pleasant increase in drive. I no longer have these exaggerated cravings. I also feel life again, can feel and smell again … Enjoy the most days again. I am much more emotionally stable, I have better control over constraints. I can concentrate better and focus on the important things … I am much more careless and can tackle things! Overall very good efficacy …. Side effects: sweating, insomnia especially at the beginning, mild mania in combination with alcohol, slight agility, slightly increased and increased palpitations, slightly increased blood pressure / pulse, I will take Cymbalta on!

  8. Jessica W. Devoe says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Because it helped a lot in my acute illness phase to read experience reports here, I would like to report my experience with Duloxetine (take Duloxalta). My family doctor started with opipramol because I was very skeptical about medication. This drug has kept me alive, was great help, but could not help with depression. The next one from the specialist was escitalopram. Side effects: mild nausea (1 week) and strong lump feeling in the stomach (about 4 weeks), but was not a problem. Has helped against anxiety very well, but was still extremely tired, nothing brought against depression. After 6 weeks switching to duloxetine. Already after two days significant change for the better. Watcher, balanced, less fatigue, feeling secure, what I did not know before. Since I tolerated so well, fast increase to 90mg. Since a small relapse came again, I am today for two and a half months to 120 mg. Do things today that I have not done for 17 years: drive a car, drive a lift. I am much more active and alive again so to speak. I should have taken this step much earlier and had to be treated for medication. Have had depression since youth, and have had two burnouts in recent years. I was just badly informed about the modern drugs. Of course it is not a miracle cure, but without the media, for example, I would not have been nervous and physically able to do psychotherapy. Therefore, my tips to those who are as strong in the dog as I was, it was really about life or death, looking for a good specialist who takes you seriously, if necessary change the doctor, that’s your right and also a good family doctor who supports you. If you do not find a psychotherapist fast enough, you can temporarily go to a psychological consultation eg at the Diakonie, because you get a quick appointment and has the feeling you are not alone. I did that too and was good. And then just work together with the right doctor and take what he says, my doctor, for example, always explains everything and has always been right. If you are afraid of NW, just talk about it. For example, I was afraid of nausea and that’s why I let myself be prescribed with mcp tablets. I do not need it then. Most NW go away pretty fast. In the beginning, I had a headache, but only mild and went away after a few days. Always just shortly after the dose increase. Now and then I have a little bit of sleep disturbance because of restless legs, but it does not bother me. I would have accepted even more NW for this good attitude to life I have now. Priceless. I am so thankful that modern medicine has such possibilities here. So, do not lose heart, it can take some time, but it can go after a major depression again as good as you would not have thought possible. The most important: get help, even if you have to look for it sometimes, but they exist! All the best!

  9. Tomas M. Green says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (chronic)

    Day 1 severe tiredness, dizziness, nervousness, sleep disturbances at night, stomach upset 2nd day stomach upset, dizziness, severe pressure in the head, nervousness, pain in the whole body, not able to sleep, cold stronger than the day before and also stronger than before. 3rd day without Cymbalta stomach upset, shaking, cold, nervousness, insomnia, pain. Day 4 Normality slowly returns

  10. Johnny B. Ward says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Sleep disorders; Depression

    After switching to Cymbalta heavy sweating – especially in the morning -, total loss of libido – would like but it does not work – easy loss of appetite with weight loss (is a pleasant side effect), dry mouth, superficial sleep, but for 10 – 11 hours, occasional muscle tremors, minor problems when urinating, little improvement in depressive symptoms, strong listlessness,

  11. Stephanie D. Carmen says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Switch from Citalopram (20mg) to Cymbalta 30mg, no problems, tolerated well and felt good. After 7 days, the dose was doubled (60mg), initially no problems again. After 3 days of use, then severe and sudden nausea / nausea, extreme dry mouth, severe dizziness (especially under stress), confusion, easy to urinate, increased need of sleep, but sleep was restless (was awake every night at night), especially before falling asleep violent muscle twitching, orgasm problems, weight gain

  12. Richard B. Weisgerber says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    first opipramol and fluoxitin. mainly against panic attacks. total impotence, dry mouth, at first aggravating the attacks. – then citalopram. terrible aggravation of depression, extreme dizziness, anxiety creep downright physically cold my back up, muscle twitching in the legs. discontinued by the doctor. replaced by moclobemide, almost no effect, no side effect. After that, I spent half a year in Ireland, where a doctor suggested to try cymbalta. had NO side effect except sleep disturbance, which I had previously sporadically and already very dry mouth with disgusting taste in the mouth. Since then, I also take cymbalta in Germany, I am thrilled. Panickattacken almost zero, no side effects except those described, no orgasm disorders. However, my psychiatrist cymbalta has to prescribe me every second recipe as a private prescription, because thanks to the health reform, it no longer fits into her budget. and THIS is a very blatant side effect, especially since I am unemployed. Depression still present but toned down, hope to find definitive help through behavioral therapy. but my main problem panic seems to be very well handled by cymbalta. I am excited about the drug!

  13. Fredricka M. Ward says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Personality disorders; Pain (back); Depression

    At the beginning of taking Cymbalta I occasionally felt nauseous. In addition, I had to urinate constantly and was more thirsty than before. Another side effect was nocturnal sweating and sleep disturbances (frequent waking). The fears I suffered over the first 2 weeks of taking it were worse than better, more likely to have panic attacks than before, more often feeling upset and a lump in my throat. In addition, my appetite was stronger, but still did not increase. For about a week, the side effects have almost disappeared, I sleep better in the evening and feel more balanced overall (anxiety only in the approach available, disappears very quickly). The only thing left is the increased need for fluids, the increased appetite and the faster sweating. All in all, the benefit of this drug outweighs. I am much more relaxed and relaxed and the back pain is gone!