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  1. Linda T. Wheeler says:
    4.5 rating

    I got the Mirena in October 2010. At that time, I was 23 years old and had to deal with migraine with aura. According to my gynecologist, the Mirena was the best and healthiest alternative if I was to prevent myself. First it was said that my period would then fail, the spiral is drawn after 5 years and then can be used again at will a new one. The setting of the spiral turned out to be problematic for me. Unfortunately I had so much pain that it was only possible under general anesthesia. The next 2 years after that ran off without major complications. Although my period did not last, I had significantly less bleeding than before. After two years, everything changed abruptly. All of a sudden, I always had abdominal pain. Everything drew together, so that I could not stand in part. The pain was bearable only with the intake of at least 1800 mg ibuprofen a day. From 28 days I had about 15 days with pain. During this time I also took about 15kg. Before that I had a weight of 60 kg and then 75 kg at 1.69 m. My skin deteriorated rapidly and I can no longer speak of a libido. I was tired of all the affection of my partner. So I decided to let the spiral go early. This was again possible only under general anesthesia. Since this day I have NO pain, my skin is clearer than ever and the libido has come back. I only have to work on the weight loss. The kilos unfortunately do not disappear by themselves. As a conclusion, I can only say: I would not recommend a young woman to let the Mirena set. I really do not wish anyone that pain.

  2. Jessica J. Hampton says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Hair loss; Acne; Depression; Overweight

    hi love her, I am 23 years old and have not had any children yet. Due to very strong, irregular and for me debilitating menstrual bleeding my gynecology finally recommended the mirena. to use this – in february this year – was hell to say the least: pain, pain, pain. and that over 4 days, including circulatory collapse still in gyn.praxis. well, I thought to myself, there you have to go through, do not be so – after all, everything should be better! But now, after less than 10 months, I have for next week a date to let me remove the mirena again. I’m really patient and no memes, but what I’ve experienced here at NW, really blows up the frame: -massive skin deterioration (previously I had, apart from small pimples to teenage times, a madness skin) – bleeding still strong, irregular, associated with massive cramps – hair loss (luckily I have full, thick hair ….) – despite sporting activity, an increase in weight of 6kg (I’m 1.85 tall at originally 68kg) – depressive mood up to complete lack of humor all in all, although I have some friends in my circle of acquaintances, who get along well with the mirena and the simple way of prevention advertise.dennoch I would others rather discourage very young women – prefer the conventional way with the pill ö.ä. I hope this experience report could help a few out there a little! best regards, madeleine

  3. Arlene J. Lerner says:
    4.5 rating

    Have the Mirena-HS set before 3.5 months, after recommendation of my FA.Habe since that ver … Day bleeding, migraine, abdominal pain, back pain, sleep disorders, skin problems, Schweisausbrüche and very, very VERY bad mood NW explained my FA as follows: the menstrual bleeding can turn out completely! Thought me at the age of 34 and after 2 children there can be worse! The Mirena is a lot, much worse with their NW! The laying was very painful and when I think about what I could have bought my children for 360 euros! I recommend them to any woman in the world and have an appointment in three days hope that then my life and my body will be back as before and I can once again laugh, swim or do sport. To all fellow sufferers greet and advise everyone you know please from!