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  1. Debra R. Myers says:
    4.0 rating

    Today, after 2.5 years, I let the Hormone Spiral redeem me. Had I not had a girlfriend who also had negative experiences (extreme hair loss, loss of libido) with the spiral, I probably would not even have come to the conclusion that some ailments are related to it. At first I was more irritable than usual, impotent, and tears quickly rose in my eyes (for example, reading obituaries of obituaries, reports on television). But I have dismissed this with normal everyday stress and ignored. My girlfriend noticed these changes in her nature and she spoke to me because she recognized her own situation in it, so I became alert and began questioning things. After wearing contact lenses for 15 years, even in the pregnancies, complaints began in May. My hard lens had to be replaced after only 1.5 years, because such a lubricating film of lipids and fats had formed that the lens was useless. At the moment I did not find that questionable, even though my life span was up to 4 years. Only when my eye had ruined the new lens after only 6 weeks, I became suspicious. I have worn 2 hard lenses since inserting the Mirena on one eye 2 and on the other. My then gynecologist denies a connection. The ophthalmologist said that hormonal reasons can certainly be responsible for this. So I belong since then again to the spectacle wearers, which of course after such a long time first again a change. In many situations in which I had otherwise responded in a sovereign manner, I was easily irritable and aggressive. I was not nearly as strong as before. In the last few months, my libido has dropped to zero. No sexual initiative left me, which of course made my husband pensive. Especially since my period has completely failed (the only plus) and so yes I could have actually anytime. I have also noticed the following changes on my body, but they did not occur permanently: pimples on the scalp, headache with nausea, strong feeling of tightness in the breasts, besides, I simply can not control my weight anymore. I have been practicing the same sport for years, which used to help me to compensate for the sins of the weekend, but for quite some time now nothing has happened on the scale, even if I had eaten little on the day before. I have confronted my gynecologist with my complaints. He has somehow waved off, my complaints would be too unspecific, as that could make a connection, certainty would exist only if the thing would be out. Quote: maybe it’s because of the cuts that you have in the evening, or the cold cuts you drauftut and they are getting older. I’ve had some bad experiences with Implanol a few years ago, where I was also dissatisfied with the way my gynecologist handled it, but still stayed. Only after months of tormenting (Dauerschmierblutungen) turned out at that time, the hormone dose in the pen for some women probably not enough and I had to first take 1/4 pill later 1/2 pill in order to adjust the whole. I felt like a guinea pig. But now the measure was really full. Today I was with another doctor, who showed much more understanding and gave me the impression that the inventions of the pharmaceutical industry are beyond any doubt. The part is definitely out and I feel good with this decision. I will observe my body closely in the near future and will certainly then also determine what the Mirena has done with my body in the last 2.5 years, which I may not even be aware of. There may be women who can handle the spiral well, but you should just be alert and listen to your body. Maybe the Mirena is not responsible for all the problems, but in the future I can be sure that if I have complaints, they will not be controlled by any artificial influences.

  2. Toni P. Walsh says:
    4.0 rating

    I had the Mirena Hormone Spiral and was very dissatisfied. Immediately after the onset of hypertension, panic attacks, vertigo, acne, cotton wool in front of my eyes, listlessness, fatigue, joint pain, vision, greasy hair, oily skin, weight gain, wailings, I could not sleep one more night .. My body was ready , All doctors have said it would not come from the Mirena. Then I came by chance on this page, thank god. I let the Mirena go immediately, although the doctor did not want that, but after all, it’s still my body, because I can do what I want. After that, all my symptoms were gone. Can not lie on the horn monster spiral …. cruel how many doctors deal with patients, I would like to sue the company, and the doctors. Rely on your gut feeling and do not let yourself be fooled. dear greetings Heike

  3. Michelle P. Parker says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello my dears! I have the Mirena now for almost 10 years and am extremely scared of what I’ve read (not only in this forum) now for reviews. Actually, I was just looking for a confirmation that my (now increasingly occurring) abdominal spasms are related to the spiral ….. and now I have just found a whole list of side effects, which I 80 – 90% self-confirm. For me, the Mirena was recommended because at 17 I already had a leg vein thrombosis, then was not allowed to take a pill and then got the copper spiral. But I did not tolerate these and so I was (after the birth of my son) the Mirena very dear to the heart, because it has virtually no side effects, except the great fact that the menstrual is hardly or no longer felt and see. I immediately felt so well because I had to think about no interactions with other drugs, no pill intake and so on. Every now and then I had an abdominal spasm for a few hours, but after my gynecologist said it was all alright, I did not care anymore. So after 5 years I got rid of the old one and put a new one because it was so practical and the few convulsions a year were a low price for my independence ….. That I have changed a lot in the last years , for me totally untypical behavior on the day, constantly having any physical ailments for which no doctor has an explanation (blood values all super fine, organs also everything ok) and I have almost no desire to have sex or physical closeness more meanwhile almost cost me my marriageIf I have to read now that there are hundreds of women who feel the same way, I could only howl ….. with happiness that I am not alone and finally found out and in anger, because these damn gynecologists probably all really just Provitgeil or simply blue-eyed areHere is a small list of my complaints that have crept in recent years, but increasingly occurred: – extremely frequent headaches, to migraine-like conditions – scalp itching with recurring dandruff – constantly blemished skin (had hardly pimples as a teenager) – Itching all over the body – permanent feeling of bloated, up to the feeling of being pregnant – flatulence and stool problems, despite adequate hydration (good 3 liters daily) – total libido loss (maximum 1 time every 2 to 3 months of desire, but even during which disappears) – anxiety to depression – tantrums, extreme mood swings – creeping weight gain, despite normal eating behavior (eat rather little) – water retention – pernicious pain in the abdomen, with the feeling that someone pushes a knitting needle through the vagina – memory problems – joint pain (feels gout or Ar thritis-like) – massive sleep disorders – circulatory problems – sweating to chills – constant tiredness, fatigue and listlessness ….. Yes and so it goes on and no doctor finds an explanation for even one symptom, because, after all, my blood levels okay and I’m only 31 years old. Conclusion: what should I have, except that I’m more likely to be a hypochondriac, than really sick …. I go to the gynecologist tomorrow and get advice on what I have in my situation for contraceptive options. But one thing I know for sure: This little crap comes outIf then hopefully in a few weeks at least some of my problems in the air dissolve, I would be really grateful. At the moment, all my hope lies in the removal of this thing, since I really do not know myself anymore and do not want to go on living like that. Luckily, I have a man who has been with me all these years and is really looking forward to hoping I’ll be back soon.