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  1. Elizabeth M. Boone says:
    4.5 rating

    In February 2009, my dermatologist was diagnosed with a basal cell over the upper lip during a skin check by means of a curettage. My doctor referred me to the specialist clinic Hornheide in Münster for postoperative surgery. After careful inspection, Aldara cream was prescribed to be applied 5x / week, 2 days off for 6 weeks. As an alternative to the surgery, I wanted to try it out. On the 5th day of treatment, there was severe swelling, blistering (similar to herpes), generalized malaise and fever throughout the lip area. It was the re-presentation in the clinic and it advised me to pause until it fades away and in the dose 2 days cream, 1 day break continue, otherwise again plan A, the OP. I did it the same way, but was very careful with the cream, just apply it thinly and wash it off thoroughly in the morning. During the whole time I did not feel very well. Also formed on my lip slight crusts, but completely healed after the 6-week treatment. A few days after stopping the Aldara cream I was generally much better. After another four weeks, I had an appointment in the specialist clinic for control. There one was immediately convinced that the basalioma had healed. Nevertheless, we have agreed on a punch biopsy with the result: no more tumor detectable. The hardships finally paid off and I would take them back at any time. Especially since it was a basalioma on the lip. In an operation, a part of the lip red would have been removed. – And now visually nothing is visible.

    Side effects: Skin lesions; Swelling; Fever
  2. Jack E. Sexton says:
    4.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    2 years ago I got infected with genital warts. A small wart on the foreskin, I did not think anything about it, because at first they look very harmless, like a small cauliflower, like a small harmless skin growth that one of older people knows. What happened? They multiplied very slowly. So after 2 months there were two. After 6 months, I went with four to the doctor and had me prescribe Aldara. At 11 pm I applied Aldara 5% three times a week. In the morning around 7 I washed them off with some soap. On the same day around 17: 18 o’clock muscle pain followed, followed by shivering and light daze. Around 10 pm driving was impossible. Dizziness and dizziness were too strong. This was repeated with almost every application. In addition, there were unwanted skin redness and swelling to cracked skin, which made it almost impossible for me to move my foreskin back. I broke off the treatment. I can only advise you to check yourself regularly, because at first the warts were limited to foreskin and frenulum. Later then also on the bottom just above the testicles in right pile. I started a new treatment. The recently emerged genital warts above the testicles dissolved after a few days in dead skin fragments. There is nothing more to see, except for those who have been with me for so long. Meanwhile I have to stop the treatment due to the swelling now and then for 2 days. So it also depends on quick action. If you discover genital warts in your area, go immediately to a doctor for skin and sexually transmitted diseases and do not wait long. Even if it means that they disappear in most cases by itself. About Aldara 5%: Aldara is different from person to person. Also depends a lot on what I consume to what extent during the treatment. Smoking is very bad. Drinking a lot helps with detoxification, i. the side effects do not last as long or are not as strong. How this affects the effectiveness against the warts I can not say. But I am convinced that there are also effective alternatives to ALdara. At the moment I am thinking about alternative treatment options. But I’m taking a distance from my OP. In too many cases it has been reported that the warts then spread more. 1) Thuja Q18 2) Thuja N Oligoplex + Thuja mother tincture or celandine + zinc + vitamins 3) Australian tea tree oil from the phylum melaleuca alteruifolia would be 3 options that I would like to clarify with my doctor of trust (very important). VLG your René

  3. Richard E. Frye says:
    1.5 rating

    Aldara for Basal cell carcinoma

    Fatigue. Strong wheals on the upper body at the back and in front after the 4th day of intake. Itching. Defacement by inflammatory spots. Visit to the doctor: drug discontinued. Impact assessment corresponds to the condition of the inflammatory spots.

    Side effects: Skin lesions; Fatigue; Itching