Skin dryness effect of Tamoxifen

We have 283 consumer reports for Tamoxifen. Skin dryness effect occurred in 2%.

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  1. Chrystal J. Cage says:
    2.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    after chemo + irradiation since 2004 tamoxifen.No weight gain but skin dryness on the body, hair growing like weeds. (were never so beautiful.) However, cough since taking, fatigue, skin aging, bone pain especially in the hands and shoulders, bladder weakness (doctor says: through the hormone withdrawal). Otherwise, no further incidents, so the medi can recommend. I’m done with it soon and would do it again. All follow-up examinations were great, wish all concerned the same ……

  2. Sandra B. Wood says:
    4.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Nausea in the first few months, dry skin, brittle fingernails, muscle u. Joint pain in arms, hands u. Feet. No weight gain, no vaginal dryness, no libido loss. Take the drug with conviction and do not suffer from depression. However, after about 1 year cough has become noticeable, which has remained until today. After 5 years I will discontinue the drug because it is exhausted in terms of performance.

    Side effects: To cough; Skin dryness; Nausea
  3. Geneva R. McFarland says:
    3.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Since the end of November, I take the Zoladex as an injection and since then, the side effects have increased: – hot flashes – joint pain, bone pain – water retention – weather sensitivity – pulse turf – depression – loss of power – lack of concentration – brittle nails – deterioration of eyesight – eye mucosa burns, reddened – cracked, dry skin – often open in the genital area associated with itching – muscle cramps – severe tiredness