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We have 69 consumer reports for Arava. Skin dryness effect occurred in 4%.

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  1. Donna J. Newsom says:
    3.0 rating

    Arava for Arthritis

    Weight gain, Water retention, Dry skin, Skin softening, Dry nasal mucosa, Vomiting, Blurred vision

    Side effects: Skin dryness
  2. Sandra B. Hopkins says:
    4.0 rating

    Arava for Chronic polyarthritis

    After two months of intake, I had significant problems. Very high blood pressure (205/110) hours of cardiac arrhythmias with atrial fibrillation. Liver enzymes increased; dry skin and hair loss. At the end of February 2009, I discontinued the drug on ärtzl.Rat. The side effects persist, however. The cardiac arrhythmias are simply not getting to grips with. I had to claim several times the Ärztl.Notdienst. I believe that by administering this medicine, the patient is simply left standing in the rain. My doctor is the thing as Rheumatolge m.E. helpless over. It should not go unmentioned that so-called washing out of the drug, all other necessary drugs are washed out, which could be very problematic especially in heart stories. I can only advise everyone on the basis of my experience with Arave, not to use this.

  3. Jacqueline L. Kiefer says:
    4.0 rating

    Arava for Arthritis

    – during the day temporary weakness / fatigue and in the evening / at night difficulty in getting in and out, temporarily depressed, nervous, impotent, unfocused – weight loss + loss of appetite – increased hair loss and brittle hair and dry skin – increased bursitis! and thereby entrapment of nerves (severe pain and restricted mobility) in ever shorter intervals in the joints such as elbows, shoulders hands and wrists and knees alternately)! – often worse blood values …