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  1. Naomi W. Martin says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Migraine

    I have the Mirena for three years. The migraine attacks are indeed almost gone (from up to 10 a month under the pill (Cerazette) to now 2-3 a year), but there were other supplements: Initially, I had about 6-7 months long bleeding. Since then, I still have long-lasting and very irregular bleeding. Mostly they last 15-20 days, then I have 10-15 days break, then it starts all over again. That is very annoying. Despite regular checks every 6 months, my doctor wants to leave everything so, because neither a pill nor the NuvaRing I could tolerate. More side effects since laying the Mirena: For two years therapy wg. Depression and mood swings, plus 10 pounds of weight gain, loss of libido and blemished skin. But I do not see an alternative – presumably I’ll have to hold it through to menopause. But I’m already almost 46 … – juhu! Recommendation: Changeable, the lesser evil. dieheideblühte

  2. Barbara J. Wang says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Mood swings; Cyst formation; Hurt; A headache; Pain (acute)

    Hi Guys! I can not believe what I read here !!! Today Google I breast tenders Mirena and then I come across this page. Thought it was not the hormone spiral. Just as my gynecologist has told me that the Mirena is not responsible for breast tenderness and certainly not for mood swings and slight irritability. Now I understand. I have the Mirena 4 years ago and 10 Montaten use and my gynecologist has called me no side effect. Sure, at 22, it always sounds good if you do not have to think about contraception for 5 years and you will not get any menstruation! And that the Mirena acts locally and does not pump the whole body full of hormones. Calculated on the years, the Mirena is also cheaper, she told me. Why should I ask synonymous because of side effects if it all sounds so great! Since I was young and stupid I must confess honestly. The insertion was not so painful. She has given me a remedy that widens and stuns the uterus. So it was just unpleasant pulling. Have spotting every month and often take 5 to 7 days. During the annual examinations she often told me: So it is very rare that the women who wear the Mirena regularly have menstruations or spotting. (Nice for the majority of these women) In the ultrasound, she also often found a cyst on the ovaries, but 90% of them disappear by themselves. So the cause of abdominal pain found. Never had cysts before !!! Then she prescribed a gel for breast tenderness. She could have smeared that in her hair, too. From month to month, the pain in the breasts is more and more and they are hot, hard and riiiiiesig and there are nodules to feel. My friend already asked me why they are so riiiiiesig? He is rarely allowed to touch them because they are very sensitive. I would only be interested in how much profit per Mirena jumps out at the doctors. Because of my impure skin, I was also the dermatologist and prescribed me again anoint, detergent, etc. for treatment and he said it was the conversion of the contraceptive. Well, this is almost 5 years ago and it is still the sameSo if I count the drugs for the impure skin and the gels for the breast breakdown together, then I have saved myself in contrast to the pill at all! On the contrary!! I’m glad if I get pulled in 2 months and I’m curious how life feels afterwards! 😉 Greetings Dani

  3. Arnold D. Adair says:
    4.5 rating

    I have had the mirena for almost 5 years. The onset was very painful and in the 5 years with Mirena I had many complaints that fit into the picture of side effects. My doctor said that of course this could not be related to the Mirena and I resigned myself to it then. Well, I’m looking for a new contraceptive and have also come across a number of reports about Mirena. Now I list the side effects that I have since. The doctors have not found another cause: headache, weight gain, pimples, decreased libido, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal pain, and for about a year strong, almost unbearable pain during orgasm. not always, but depending on intensity and position. I changed the doctor and now change over to the copper chain

  4. Evelyn M. Bruss says:
    4.0 rating

    Abdomen – abdominal pain especially during ovulation, (worse than at the mens) different strength / days of bleeding during mens, listlessness, fatigue, bladder infections, permanent fungal infections, headache migraine, blemished skin / greasy hair, all started very slowly. The good thing is hardly gaining weight in contrast to my old pill, but venous problems in the legs

  5. Kira J. Figueroa says:
    4.5 rating

    I’m not sure why I’m always so bad. Bad skin, extreme hair loss, migraines, depression, tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, bad mood, extreme fatigue, always total fatigue, difficulty concentrating, loss of libido etc. etc. Causes lie in the hormonal spiral Mirena. Have meanwhile 1 copper spiral and 2 hormone spirals behind me, with the 2.Hormonspirale removed in the next few weeks. It’s really time to get rid of this impossible thing the gynecologists are making their big money on. Bad advice in gynecologists regarding the very bad side effects. Never again Mirena !!!

  6. Brandon P. Branch says:
    5.0 rating

    I have been carrying the Mirenaspirale for a year. Unfortunately, I had to say that I suffer from strong Mirza since wearing the Mirena. I have been permanently bloated for 3 months, also in the fasted state. I have my stomach and intestines mirrored and my blood values examined …. result all right. I also do not suffer from a food allergy. To be permanently bloated, cramps in the abdomen and pimples on shoulders, impure skin on the face (never had impure skin previously increased migraine, and slight hair loss.) I also increased hunger and gained some weight, 2 -3 kilos I am always tired by the permanent bloated and totally uncomfortable 2 days ago I have the Mirena removed (as well as my girlfriend, sister and two colleagues, all of which had strong side effects) and hope for a speedy recovery of my hormone balance Do not recommend Mirena.

  7. Willie R. Saville says:
    4.0 rating

    For about 3 years I have or had the Mirena. For at least a year, I am desperate for many health problems. I thought until a few days ago I was a hypochondriac –_ – It started with chest pain and pressure on the chest and on. I immediately thought of heart because occasionally arrhythmias came to it. When that was then ruled out to the spine. There was nothing to worry about. Well it took then so .. but always had this fear. Worst of all was the feeling of not being able to breathe properly. Meanwhile, I have 7 kg increased, but no eating habits changed. I look totally bloated, have blemished skin, aching hands and can be irritated very quickly. Libido equal to zero, sweats, altered body odor, circulatory problems that I never had before collapse! By chance, I came across reviews on the net and recognized me immediately! Yesterday I let her go and immediately was my breathlessness and that sting away! Never again Mirena:

  8. Isabel E. Neumann says:
    5.0 rating

    I have the Mirena only since 4 weeks but I hope that I get some encouragement here that everything is better !!! The insertion I did not feel as bad, abdominal pain, I had only the first two days. My skin became very impure about 4-5 days after the onset and I got some pimples on my face and I had severe hair loss. Headaches are almost on the agenda and I’m irritated. Sexual aversion and constant spotting are very troubling. But I do not want to give up after all the fun has cost 320 €. I think that the body must first get used to the hormone change and hope for speedy recovery.

  9. Mandy C. Spencer says:
    4.5 rating

    Almost three years ago, I decided to get a Mirena Hormone Spiral. The benefits brought me to the absolute conviction that I have chosen the right contraceptive for me. In the course of the first year, everything was OK, except for a weight gain of about 4 -5 kilos, which, according to gynecologists, is due to water retention. The kilos remained, it was followed by depression and several visits to the psychologist including drug intake, panic attacks, complete listlessness and, above all, an increasingly impure skin. Of course, at first I saw no connection with the Mirena, now I am convinced that these side effects have been caused by the Mirena insidious. In a week I let me remove the Mirena, because I can no longer endure these conditions mentally.

  10. Renay J. Oliver says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 34 years old and wanted to share my experiences with the Mirena. I let them put me in early 2015 after the birth of my daughter, because I did not want to take the pill again and so wanted to burden my body with fewer hormones. The shot went completely backwards ….. At the beginning I had a 5.4 cm cyst at the first routine examination, which had to be treated with additional hormones! What irony, I wanted fewer hormones. Thank God, she left alone. After that, the odyssey then really started …… Constant breast tenderness on the left and that so much that even the smallest touch made me twitch (sleeping on the stomach was no longer possible), hair loss on the head, but excessive hair growth at other parts of the body, nonspecific abdominal pain partly with spotting, totally blemished skin especially on both arms (t-shirt is not possible anymore in summer) Of course I did not get a leaflet and was not asked about the side effects. Creeping then came now even more anxiety and concentration problems and also the next cyst sneaked in (5.7 cm ….. had to be treated again) With all these side effects, I was with my FA and he has me always with the statement sent home that it could in no case be due to the spiral. Now I let her go and hope for improvement …… Consider exactly what you do with your body;)