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  1. Jennifer R. Madrigal says:
    2.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Drive disorders; Depression

    I took Fluoxetine 40mg for a few months at a time and noticed as a positive effect that I was in a better mood and above all relaxed in everyday life. In between times I have the medi. stopped and realized that I had felt better with fluoxetine. So I took it back up to 3 weeks ago and then lowered it to 20mg by agreement with my doctor and down to 10mg since today. I would like to try again without it, because I have a strong feeling in my hands (especially at night) and there is paresthesia as a side effect and I can currently find no other cause. Furthermore, the sweating sometimes gets on my nerves. In addition, all in all, I have also gained 20 KG and now in various forums read that there is more often in patients as a side effect. I did not know that, because it is not in the leaflet and my doctor said, you decrease rather.

    Side effects: Sensation disorders; Sweat