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  1. Rick K. Tillery says:
    4.5 rating

    Trazodone for Sleep disorders; Depression

    I took Trazodone in a clinic and can only warn everyone about this medicine. I started with 100 mg as in the package leaflet (Neuraxpharm) and could hardly sleep because of a Restless Legs Syndrome after just one intake. It was not until after a week to 200 mg was increased, I could finally sleep, but I felt like tied to the bed. In addition, after a few days I had such a low libido that I felt really sexless. My testicles began to hurt and I got spontaneous erections, but the orgasms were unaffected, as well as the amount of semen was reduced about half. Also, I suffered from various sensations on the whole body. Since I only felt dizzy and poisoned anyway, I stopped the medication after only 9 days. It worked well against anxiety and depression, but at the price I ran like a zombie through the area, almost remotely controlled. Even today, even more than a month after weaning, I still have hardly any libido and numbness in the genital area. And again and again testicular pain. And that with just 24 years. To what extent it will regress, I do not know. I feel damaged.

  2. Robert S. Mercier says:
    2.0 rating

    Trazodone for Drive disorders; Depression

    The drug was anxiolytic and mood-lightening after about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, as a side effect was a constant general fatigue and the very unpleasant Restless Legs syndrome, which unfortunately continues to chronic even after discontinuation of the drug in a lighter form.

  3. Dean T. Corrado says:
    3.5 rating

    Trazodone for Sleep disorders; Depression

    All in all a bit better! In stressful times, I notice especially how the drugs fight against the internal events. In quiet times, I probably would not need the meds so high doses, but if I have to do a lot for study, the sleep is also restless with medication and I wake up at night again and have a panickattack, which is not as strong as without sertraline. I take lyric against fear, agitation and panic. They work quite well, and strengthen the sertraline, which I can take due to severe sleep problems and strong inner tension bad higher doses. Trazodone … zero effective against depression, also less effective against anxiety, but very good in making you tired and a great and really noticeable effect is the improvement of sleep architecture. You sleep longer, wake up less and fall asleep faster. This combination is so ok for me, even if you can not work miracles, which I have very much wanted to achieve through medication, which is why I’ve tried pretty much every drug group. Side effects: Lyric: no Trazodone: palpable heartbeat Sertraline: nervousness, restlessness, sleep disorders, psychomotor restlessness, restless legs, increased anxiety at the beginning, increased dreams (for me, the most inappropriate drug group, but effective against Depri, anxiety and panic in one and at least no dangerous NW !!! The only plus!)