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  1. Sarah R. Ross says:
    5.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    Had Solian against psychosis and helped me not really, the symptoms became very weak less and I had a total unrest from the drug. I could not sleep well and was totally fidgety in my legs. The only good thing about it was, I felt like moving but if you want to sleep in the evening and you still have to move then that is of course not great. Well, by and large, I was not satisfied and then switched to risperidone! And I myself can give the drug risperidone 10 out of 10 points in all. I tolerated it super and the symptoms diminished very quickly. I was able to sleep well and it helped against my depression and discomfort. The only thing was, I have gained a lot, but in my case was also more desirable, but I had that of Solian too! In the first few weeks, the drug blunts off a lot, but I’ve already heard of many psychotropic drugs, but that can also relax and the feelings come (or with me) again. I can only recommend Risperidone!

  2. Jeffrey K. Glass says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    Risperdal has helped against the positive symptoms, after only 2 weeks I was conscious again. However, it caused me at 4.5mg EPS. In addition, then came restless legs, which made me very busy. Because of this and pronounced lack of motivation and language poverty, I switched to Abilify. The prolactin increase went away through Anilify, as did the RLs. also the drive would be better and the linguistic impoverishment. Except for initially insomnia no side effects 🙂 Abilify for me a top drug.