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  1. Virginia R. Harker says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Constipation, restless legs, restless sleep, lousy dreams u tremendous weight loss and daytime fatigue were persistent side effects over the entire duration of 1/2 year – I had to weigh whether I pay this price. I am stable again and have cymbalta discontinued, but already almost three weeks ago u globules for beads, which I counted out. Except for still existing Schwankschwindel I have no Absetzungserscheinungen. Driving is not possible at the moment, I only use the bike to hold on to it. Occasionally happens that I can not get the curve u hang on the door frame. Even when walking straight on straight, I stumble over non-existent bumps. After trying many medications for years (with fewer side effects, but also without prompt effects), I am thrilled with the immediate effects of Cymbalta (despite the side effects) and recommend it to others, but not as a long-term medication. In a dependence I would certainly not guess because of the side effects. Note: I had to take Cymbalta at exactly the same time, otherwise precipitation occurred immediately u increased side effects

  2. Mark A. Crowley says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    heavy sweating at night and also during the day; frequent urination at night, thereby a maximum of two hours sleep in one go; headache every morning; restless legs at night.

  3. Jessica W. Devoe says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Because it helped a lot in my acute illness phase to read experience reports here, I would like to report my experience with Duloxetine (take Duloxalta). My family doctor started with opipramol because I was very skeptical about medication. This drug has kept me alive, was great help, but could not help with depression. The next one from the specialist was escitalopram. Side effects: mild nausea (1 week) and strong lump feeling in the stomach (about 4 weeks), but was not a problem. Has helped against anxiety very well, but was still extremely tired, nothing brought against depression. After 6 weeks switching to duloxetine. Already after two days significant change for the better. Watcher, balanced, less fatigue, feeling secure, what I did not know before. Since I tolerated so well, fast increase to 90mg. Since a small relapse came again, I am today for two and a half months to 120 mg. Do things today that I have not done for 17 years: drive a car, drive a lift. I am much more active and alive again so to speak. I should have taken this step much earlier and had to be treated for medication. Have had depression since youth, and have had two burnouts in recent years. I was just badly informed about the modern drugs. Of course it is not a miracle cure, but without the media, for example, I would not have been nervous and physically able to do psychotherapy. Therefore, my tips to those who are as strong in the dog as I was, it was really about life or death, looking for a good specialist who takes you seriously, if necessary change the doctor, that’s your right and also a good family doctor who supports you. If you do not find a psychotherapist fast enough, you can temporarily go to a psychological consultation eg at the Diakonie, because you get a quick appointment and has the feeling you are not alone. I did that too and was good. And then just work together with the right doctor and take what he says, my doctor, for example, always explains everything and has always been right. If you are afraid of NW, just talk about it. For example, I was afraid of nausea and that’s why I let myself be prescribed with mcp tablets. I do not need it then. Most NW go away pretty fast. In the beginning, I had a headache, but only mild and went away after a few days. Always just shortly after the dose increase. Now and then I have a little bit of sleep disturbance because of restless legs, but it does not bother me. I would have accepted even more NW for this good attitude to life I have now. Priceless. I am so thankful that modern medicine has such possibilities here. So, do not lose heart, it can take some time, but it can go after a major depression again as good as you would not have thought possible. The most important: get help, even if you have to look for it sometimes, but they exist! All the best!