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  1. Jeffrey C. Steele says:
    3.0 rating

    Ramipril for Fatigue

    The first 4 days everything was fine, then exhaustion in the afternoon combined with cold feeling and Paniakatacken and asthmatic breathing, will try to get another Medikamt to reduce blood pressure.

  2. Frank N. Costello says:
    3.0 rating

    Breathing difficulties during sports, combined with pain in the area of the lungs. Strong reduction of the condition

  3. Carol E. Bingham says:
    4.0 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    Take Ramipril for about 3 weeks now for hypertension, because Amlodipine did not help. Side effects include: chest pain, cough, runny nose, mild breathing difficulties, sometimes severe tiredness and palpitations. Will continue to take the medication until the appointment of the cardiologist in one week, because e.g. Amlodipine had even worse side effects!

  4. Manuel C. Pennington says:
    4.0 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    After taking 2 years and getting fierce side effects finally get other drug and the side effects are gone-Juchu finally reacted to a doctor and did not put everything on the psyche. Side effects included dizziness, blurred vision, dry, irritable cough, tiredness, sluggishness, itching on the skin, chest pain, palpitations, hiccup organ sensation, tinnitus, confusion, chest tightness, respiratory distress.

  5. Wm L. Alvarez says:
    4.5 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    I have discontinued this drug because of the description in the accessory pack. 1 1/2 weeks ago. When water deposits in the tissues it should not be taken. I have always been tired, light-headed, depressed, and would have preferred to lie down to rest. I lacked the strength. I was so excited (flattrig), completely without reason and always unable to act. Alcohol (high percentage), I did not tolerate. How I was there, I can not describe how beside the role. (not like drunk) In recent months, then reinforced get out of breath. Continue heart problems, pulling in the heart area. About 2 weeks ago then burning in the chest and pulling in the left forearm. Even with light effort immediately out of breath and burning in the chest. This only applies to me: I do not tolerate this drug. I probably need the higher blood pressure, because since weaning I feel much better, as it must be. I have that normal feeling again.

  6. Joanne B. Morgan says:
    4.5 rating

    Ramipril for Heart attack; High blood pressure

    Confusion, forgetfulness, apathy, panic attacks, dying, sluggish thinking, inner restlessness, decision problems, lack of drive, constant fatigue very bad seeing and hearing, reaction weakness, sleep problems, poor orientation, lack of sense of time, not being properly awake, states of shock, loss of concentration.Wone cramps, severe pressure to perform. expiration fear. Severe shortness of breath, severe dysphagia, dull tinnitus, swollen nasal mucous membranes, viscous mucus and sud convulsions in throat, coughing fits, hoarseness, pulling in shoulder, neck and head, headache, skin aging, hair graying, very thin fragile hair.Feet of foreign body in the heart area.Heart turf , severe blood pressure fluctuations. serious limb weakness, can barely stand on his feet, only with crutches able to walk short distances laborious, cramps in the feet, legs and hands, swollen feet, deafness in the whole body. Taste reduction, water deposits, weight gain, flank pain, back pain, incontinence — had previously none of these symptoms and has diminished everything after discontinuation of ramipril permanently and is partially completely gone. Ramipril, Ramilich, Delix and the same drug produces significant life problems and should be taken out of circulation

  7. Doreen T. Hudgins says:
    4.5 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    Have Ramipiril for about 5 years because of high blood pressure in combination of metoprolol. Because of increased heart rate I got catheter ablation 1 1/2 years ago. Blood pressure and pulse have been wonderful ever since. But for about 2 years a terrible irritable cough torments me, especially at night. But even during the day coughing fits to breathlessness and wrestle for air. Dry neck is also a huge problem. First with nose drops that moisturize everything in the ENT area treated, at times some relief, then always worse. At the moment it is so bad that my doctor told us to stop ramipiril, it must be the cause of the irritating cough and dry throat. After taking Candecor no improvement in cough and dryness. Today I have again received a new drug, the name I do not know now to report, since the pharmacy must first get me the drug. I hope this medication will free me from the terrible coughing fits and dryness. Lg. And all the others here get well soon.

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