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  1. Rosy D. Wade says:
    3.5 rating

    Nitrofurantoin for Urinary tract infection

    CAUTION WITH THIS MEDICAMENT !!! Because of frequent urinary tract infections, the urologist prescribed nitrofurantoin as a long-term antibiotic for 6 weeks. After 2 tablets on the 1st day, I got a fever and came to the hospital one day later with kidney pelvic inflammation, the next day showed severe shortness of breath and an outpouring in the pleural space. As the hospital switched to another antibiotic, improvement was seen within a week. I needed four weeks to work. After 2 weeks I had again a severe urinary tract infection and received again nitrofurantione. The following night, I got fever and pain while breathing. Re-hospitalization with respiratory distress and tissue changes in the lungs. Discharge after one week (antibiotic therapy and cystomyacin) with unchanged inflamed bladder (reflection) with ciprofloxacin u. Cystomyacin for further treatment for a period of 2 weeks. 5 days after discontinuation again urinary tract infection and again nitrofurantoin. Fever, shortness of breath, pain in breathing a few hours after the first intake. It became clear to me that the problems had to be related to nitrofurantoin. The family doctor and urologist considered it unlikely. 5 days hospitalization, there confirmed me the chief physician after I had pointed several times to my suspicion that it could be quite. Later, my urologist revised his testimony and supported my theory. Meanwhile, I have been treated by a naturopath and it works better. Since August, I have been able to work for a full three weeks, because no doctor saw the connections between the drug and my symptoms, even though my sulfonamide allergy was noted in all the files and the medical history.

    Side effects: Respiratory complaints
  2. Patrica D. Eastman says:
    2.5 rating

    Pleurisy, pleural effusion, shortness of breath, lung damage, hospitalization with cortisone treatment

    Side effects: Respiratory complaints