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  1. Keith H. Wallace says:
    4.0 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    I have been taking Ramipril for a year and a half now. I first took Ramipril 2.5m (1/0/0) for mild hypertension (160/100). After initially the blood pressure reduction was good, this rises again after about half a year and for half a year I got 5mg (1/0/0) prescribed. Had I with the smaller dosage up to a slight cough irritation no side effect, these take now its months to. The irritating cough has lessened by now, but I have about three to four hours after taking it, I get almost every day extreme upset stomach, which last for about one to two hours. Furthermore, there is an increased heart rate (early resting heart rate between 60 and 65 and now between 75 and 80), which disturbs me severely as an athlete. Completely new is now also sudden heart racing added, which is extremely unpleasant and just when driving can also be dangerous. I will ask my Hauärztin to change me accordingly, because I have the restrictions I have through Ramipril, are meanwhile clearly too high.

  2. Brett H. Jacks says:
    3.5 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    Get totally extremely hard heartbeat. feel it all over. Pulse does not go down, what else is normal after exercise, in the resting phase, that the pulse slows down.

    Side effects: Pulse increase
  3. Diane E. Simon says:
    4.0 rating

    Ramipril for High blood pressure

    Got Ramipril (AWD 2.5mg) because I had a blood pressure of about 180/100. The first days of taking it were terrible, I was constantly dizzy and dizzy with gait uncertainties (but never overturned), but may also have been because the body had to get used to the new blood pressure situation. My pulse was always between 80 and 110 (quite fast). The spook then gradually subsided after 2-3 weeks. The blood pressure is now on average 125/80 and the pulse has also returned to normal after the 3 weeks. The cough, which I got about a week after taking in, turned out to be a cold. Sometimes my mouth is a bit dry, but with that I can live very well …. What I wanted to mention. You should not read the leaflet (NW), you can still do that, if something really is funny … CONCLUSION: Dear ne Ramipril a day, how to walk with too high blood pressure forever …

    Side effects: Pulse increase; Mouth dryness