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We have 129 consumer reports for Levitra. Pulse increase effect occurred in 3%.

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  1. Francis K. Moats says:
    4.0 rating

    Side effects: occasionally blushing; direct Zusamenhang but not detectable, as I had emptied half a bottle of red wine. But since I did not take the medicine at the beginning of the red wine consumption, I suspect a connection. ZWide side effect: increased pulse rate, even in physical rest. Erectile effect excellent. And a really very pleasing effect: the service life has increased significantly by suppressing the PEnisempfindlichkeit.

  2. Mark E. Proper says:
    2.5 rating

    Levitra for A headache

    Very good effect, but on the following morning a slight headache during 1 1/2 days About 5 hours after waking up wake up with a rapid pulse, which lost again after about 30 minutes

    Side effects: Pulse increase
  3. Christopher C. Armenta says:
    4.5 rating

    Levitra for Erectile dysfunction

    I used both 5 mg and half the dose. Ingestion according to recommendation 30 – 45 minutes before the GM. For my wife I take half the dose, for my girlfriend the 5 mg. Each successful effect, the 5 mg, however, have caused an even stronger and longer erection. The sex has now become great relaxing, because I do not have to worry about the hardness of the penis, distracting thoughts in between, or even inserted breaks can be easily installed – the penis remains hard or slack only slightly and can be stimulated by again be built full size. Nice also, that remains after the orgasm of the penis for a long time still large, so a very leisurely and enjoyable sliding out of the vagina is guaranteed, formerly after the orgasm, the penis immediately became smaller. Side effects: slight ringing of the ears, slightly increased heart rate – but that goes underneath sex anyway.

    Side effects: Pulse increase