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  1. John A. Wade says:
    4.5 rating

    Bisoprolol for High blood pressure

    In the meantime, my own experience, conversations with other people affected and the internet research have struck some connections: 1. leading the blood pressure reducer to libido loss is well known. With me that leads meanwhile to the fact that the erection is not permanent. 2. For 1 1/2 years I have had psoriasis on five fingers. The connection with the drugs mentioned here was not clear to me yet. 3. Although I eat a balanced diet I can not handle my weight.

    Side effects: Psoriasis; Increase in weight
  2. Jose L. Powell says:
    4.5 rating

    Bisoprolol for Heart failure; Heart rhythm disturbances

    I have heart failure and must have EnaHexal Comp. 10/25 with torasemide. In the last examination including ECG a violent heart stumbling was found. My doctor ordered me in the evening to take a 2nd bisoprolol. For a long time, I had a 20 cm square rash on my left leg and my face even if I had not shaved for a day. According to the dermatologist a psoriasis. When taking the 2nd Bisoprolol this rash increased twice and contrary to earlier even pain. My doctor prescribed me by means of sneaking and creeping another means against the Herzstoplpern: Verapil 120th I take now for 14 days and lo and behold, after the discontinuation of bisoprolol the rash on the leg is almost gone, the pain also. You can almost see how it gets better. But I had to fix something else. I am also diabetic. Prior to the first use of bisoprolol, I had the sugar value around 100 perfectly under control. In the last few months I got up at 250 in the morning, during the day the sugar went up. At 350, 450, even over 500 I had occasionally. Since I was able to springe insulin as I wanted. That went back a bit. That was all. With the 2nd bisoprolol it got worse. In the morning, fasting sugar around 350, etc. After weaning, so for 2 weeks, everything is back to normal. Fasting sugar, this morning, 90. The association with the side effects noted is likely to be evident from disappearance after weaning.

    Side effects: Psoriasis