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  1. Kathleen V. Ryan says:
    4.5 rating

    Remicade for Morbus crohn

    My mother (67 years old) has been accompanying this disease for 20 years now, and therefore also our childhood and today’s life. She has become a stoma wearer due to Crohn’s disease. Your disease has been in strong relapses, with your immune system, the skin, ears and nails have reacted very strongly with fungal infections, oozing and rashes. She hears virtually nothing without hearing aids. Now, in decision with my dad, she resorted to the straw Remicade. I also shared this decision in the absolute hope of being able to stop this disease. However, after the 4th infusion we learned that it was calming intestinal inflammation, but our mother has been feeling very poor since the last Remicade infusion. Your immune system is as good as on the ground. She has very little strength to move and only to me crutches or support. The simple walk to the toilet is not possible for her alone. She suffers from shortness of breath, vomiting in the morning, can eat only very small amounts of food. Reacts even after therapy termination 1.5 months ago with rashes, suppurative parotid gland, seizures in the outer extremities, which occur suddenly. Impotence, extremely weakened! Our mother needs since then a 24 h care! She has always been a fighter and has not been beaten by the disease for all these years, but this time we are all afraid that she will not make it! She has lost 15 kg in the last 1.5 months. What annoyed our family so much that a follow-up obligation of those doctors who gave her this therapy is not in the least felt! What can we do? Who knows how we can help our mother?

    Side effects: Powerlessness
  2. Joyce J. Cullen says:
    3.5 rating

    Remicade for Skin rash

    Remikade: well tolerated. Significant tiredness on the day of infusion, burning of the eyes, on exertion, e.g. Climbing stairs respiratory problems, lack of strength. Weight loss of 9 kg for half a year, from size 36/38 to 32/34. Fatigue, tiredness, lack of appetite, when hungry, after a few bites feeling full, fed, despite further eating, because of the weight loss, nausea comes to it and leads to the breaking off of the food supply.

    Side effects: Powerlessness; Nausea; Fatigue