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  1. Tracy C. Maynard says:
    3.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Overweight

    Already after 5 months strong growth v uterine mucosa was noted. I also have a lot of pain in the joints and knees, especially at night. After 10 months, I find that my vision and responsiveness have dropped.

    Side effects: Poor eyesight; Joint pain
  2. Bruce E. Butler says:
    3.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Mood swings especially before Christmas, I felt so bad, only crying at extreme cancer anxiety !! Eyesight has also deteriorated. When I’m up all day, I always have a weakness in my muscles in the evening, I’m more tired than I used to be. The 2 years are over in August, then comes 3 years Anastrozole. Hopefully there will not be new side effects. Bonnet Macaque

  3. Tameka R. Horne says:
    5.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    I had a breast conserving surgery after diagnosis of early stage breast cancer and then 36 exposures. So far, no further cancer findings, but: Severe sleep disorders, frequent and strong hot flashes with subsequent freezing, especially at night, loss of eyesight, bones and joint pain, morning stiffness (especially in the back). I’m going to ask the Society for Biological Cancer Defense what to do and if I really need to take tamoxifen for another 2.5 years. The idea is horror. Against the hot flashes I take Remifemin with moderate success since 2 years. I can recommend 2 books dealing with biological cancer defense: 1. Cancer cells do not like raspberries and 2. Combat cancer with vitamin B 17. Get well soon for all concerned. Connie S.

  4. Donna W. Harrington says:
    5.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    No, you do not have to go through it! I dropped Tamoxifen after 2.5 years and I feel much better since then. I still live after 5 1/2 years. Everyone should examine for themselves, critically whether one wants to endure the side effects, or whether one crashes with deartigen depression, hearing loss, vision loss and GOT VALUE above 100, as with me, just before the train or from the bridge. In my case mammary carcinoma invasive ductal 5.8 cm big hormone dependent and a DCIS 6.00 cm, I should have chemo, rayenteraphy and zoladex and tamoxifen. Did not do chemo, own decision! Then I was taken away from Zoladex because it was completely unnecessary administered to the new oncologist (12 months). And later I freed myself from my free will, of course, in consultation with my gyn Tamoxifen. As already said in my special case. So since critically questioned with you and your body, that’s my advice or my experience! Stay healthy and take good care of yourself. Petra

    Side effects: Depression; Poor eyesight