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  1. Brenda R. Kauffman says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Trigeminal neuralgia

    I had facial pain since last year and was pushed from one doctor to another. From the neurologist I got only clomipramine, which helped me not at pain. From the pain doctor I got Lyrica and antidepressants, which made me only tired and depressed, but at first at least against the attaken half.the dentist could not find any inflammation, so that I wrote a remedy together with my family doctor, which helped but was simply burdened with too many side effects. i got carbamazepine (but too low), dolomin extra for the toothache, clomipram for the frustration and lyrica in addition. but it helped !! in vogtareuth in surgical neurology I was then properly checked by the end of may2011 and you found trygeminusneuralgie and I got carbamazepine-only higher doses. since then the aching patches are gone, but the side effect with me is: fatigue, hunger in the short time 7kilo increased , and photosensitivity.that with the increase makes me very, ….

  2. Marie R. Tan says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, have tried this drug 2 days. I left it fast. I have not been cleared up what it can have for side effects. Suddenly got very strong daze, could not talk properly, I was just on the job, the horror. Light was suddenly unbearable, got heavy pressure on the chest. I had to drive home in the state myself.

  3. Zane C. Sawyer says:
    4.0 rating

    My experiences with Lyrica I am 44 years old, male. Software developers. Overall, I took Lyrica for over 18 months. After a coccyx tear and subsequent partial resection, the pain persisted and even became worse in the scar area. The pain therapist prescribed Lyrica first with 2x50mg, then 2x75mg and later 2x150mg. Decisive for Lyrica was the assumption of unfavorably fused nerve endings after the operation. Lyrica is also said to help with surgical pain. At 2x50mg the side effects were moderate. At the time I made other circumstances responsible for the new sleep disturbances. The pain remained unchanged. With 2x75mg, the following side effects occurred: The cognitive performance was reduced. – Lack of concentration – Memory weakness (I could not remember the simplest things) – Weight gain 10 Kg in 6 months – Increased fatigue – Increased (!) Libido – Generally can not see well – Restless legs With 2x150mg – The pain got worse (!) Instead better. My whole buttocks hurt me all the time. Lately also in walking and standing. Sitting in the office for more than 6 hours was not possible. Car rides were tolerable for a maximum of 30 minutes. – slowed reactions – heavy double-vision already read after 10-30 minutes, screen work or television – photosensitivity. Violent starbucks. Night driving was only possible with sunglasses. – Additional weight gain of 10 kg in 6 months – Water retention in the legs. Support stockings were now required. – extreme tiredness! (I fell asleep multiple times in the office during work, which could have cost me my job if anyone had noticed!) – Severe memory problems (What’s the name of the item? Oh, that’s a spoonful). As a programmer, an unspeakable condition, though you can not remember how something works. My head is my capital. And if it does not work properly, I will be unemployed. – If I ever forget a dose, I got withdrawal symptoms. Muscle, limb and headache. These very serious side effects and the obvious lack of effect have led me to sneak away Lyrica. At the moment I am at 2x25mg and in three days at 1x25mg. A few side effects are partially gone (fatigue, restless legs) or at least reduced (sleep disorder, memory, increased libido). The rest is still unchanged. As a result of the sloughing, the following side effects have now been added, but they are supposed to disappear in the end. – Acne – Itching I do not want to advise against Lyrica, because there are probably good useful results. For me, however, the side effects were a hundred times worse than the expected positive effect. Interaction with other means is more likely to be ruled out. Except Lyrica, I took only occasionally Nexium 20mg because of stomach hyperacidity. Otherwise nothing else. Before I got Lyrica, I was prescribed tilidine drops, which only helped marginally. Now, with only 2x25mg Lyrica, after one year I finally feel awake again. I hope that really all side effects and very special the double images disappear again.