Photosensitivity effect of Fluoxetine

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  1. Jacqueline R. Haro says:
    3.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    initially severe nausea, pigmentation disorders, light, or sun sensitivity, weight loss, trembling, headache, …. but all gladly accepted this, because I was so bad at the time that it could only get better, side effects have been reduced Thanks to this medicine, I can work again, lead a full life and be here at all, I feel well with the drug, can reduce the dosage well in the summer itself

  2. Barbara F. Arredondo says:
    5.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Adh syndrome

    It’s my first antidepressant (at 48, I’m proud of myself). I was a bit anxious about the side effects in the first 3 days (1/2 tablet). Headache; I am used, I have taken no countermeasures. Nausea; I just take this way. Extreme loss of appetite; Should I complain about it? Weight loss; I consider that a reward. I’ll start celebratingHooray! Fatigue / yawn; Shit … me on it! Despite all complaint I’m traveling daily. Impairment of concentration; I am special caution driving a car. At the household and working life (8 St./Tag) can be something to remember. Impairment of thought; I do not take anything personally anymore. The feeling that everything is too bright or that I speak too loud. Despite all side effects, I drive at least 35Km car every day. The doctor had me confident, I could do it.