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  1. Archie R. Miller says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    For Solian 2x 450 mg: Great appetite, drowsiness, depression and sleep disorders. Zyprexa 17.5 mg Morning dead tired, tachycardia, tremendous weight gain. Risperdal: Tiredness, Sexually Restricted, Neck Stiffening and Itching. Tavor from 3.5 mg down to 2 mg per day: fears increased due to prolonged use over years. Muscle cramps, panic and increased social phobia.

  2. Erin M. Acosta says:
    3.0 rating

    Risperdal for Hallucinations; Psychosis

    hey, I got this medicine because I have hallucinations from time to time and hear voices. the suspicion of psychosis was also expressed. However, I had to sell it quickly, because the side effects were too blatant and I hear the vote was bearable / find. So I myself would never take the drug again and can not recommend it. where, if necessary, everyone should try it, as it can certainly help.

    Side effects: Panic attacks
  3. Dorothy M. Surles says:
    3.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    Well I take it only 3 days, but horror trips, panic attacks and anxiety are really nothing harmless. So side effects can be really violent! Really only take in the worst case. I do not know how it is tolerated for a long time. I’ll switch to Seroquel again, I think!

    Side effects: Anxiety states; Panic attacks
  4. Tim D. Fujita says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    rate URGENT off risperdal! it can induce psychosis … can not sleep anymore! how reprogrammed … (5 days after the last dose) it took a week in the early 1mg and in the evening 2mg tab so 3 a day. effect: no side effects: extremely nervous, sleep disorders (actually hardly sleep and if then only a little (superficial – nervous)), panic attacks, heart racing