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  1. Jill D. Piland says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I am suffering from panic attacks and an anxiety disorder since 2010. came in January by chance on this page and have seen that many have anxiety and panic attacks here. Thought so would have to lie on the Hormnspirale. I let her go immediately. It is nice and easy to have a clear reason for his bad problems, is also much easier than z. b. to do a therapy … But sometimes it’s not that easy. I felt much worse after the pull, and lust for sex, I had no more, had no desire to get pregnant. And the pill gives off as many hormones a day as the spiral in the month, I did not want !!! The first time I got the Mirena set in 2001, then we wanted another child and then I let them put me back in 2004. In 2009, the 5 years were over and I got the third set. and then I let myself go after a year, even though she could have stayed in it for 4 years, because you would do anything to stop the panic and the fear … I read the reports here after the pull again and found that I have acted too hastily, because often stands there: have discovered the page here, now knows where my problems come from and will let me in 3 days to pull or something. Or I was strangled the evil spirals pulled and now I hope that I feel better soon … You will find very little reports where it is inside have let me pull a year ago and since it gets better … You know the but People are not here at all and who knows why they are mentally ill and why it will be better after a year, maybe they do a therapy in the same period of time, you do not know that! I have the spiral back in it (since 2 days), have abdominal pain from use, but I hope that’s normal. I have been very happy with the spiral over the years and have recommended it to everyone. The pressure of suffering from anxiety and panic is very high and I had hoped that it would be so easy to get rid of the fears, but it is not … The minimum dose of hormones is not responsible for it anyway, otherwise any woman taking the pill would be massive problems. I also wanted to write something about it, because a report like mine might have saved me the pain of pulling and inserting and in addition the money, since I had to pay again now 380 € for use … I advise you just to think carefully before you make a decision, whatever it turns out to be …

  2. Susan R. Caudill says:
    4.5 rating

    I try to be brief. In February 2004 I had the Mirena used. My gynecologist has praised her in the highest tones. The actual goal of not getting pregnant has been achieved, therefore also effectiveness full score. It did not take long and the first mood swings occurred. Similar to PMS. It got worse from month to month. My doctor has prescribed herbal remedies, chaste tree, St. John’s wort, B vitamin. Did not help everything. Since 2005 I have been in psychological treatment. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts. Citalopram, sertraline, lamotrigine. It got a little better, but the diagnosed depression never really went away. I was so over water. The job was very busy, the children and the household were very demanding. I’ll keep you together, I kept saying to myself and swallowing the pills. The anxiety (frightening at night have no orientation and get no air, for example) were really better during the medication. The depression remained. I just wanted to pull the blanket over my head. I was tired only anyway. In 2008 I started a Therpie, after which I lost my job. I have not even come up with the idea in five years (since December 2009 she’s gone out) that the symptoms could have something to do with the spiral. How stupid is that? I was not informed by my doctor about any side effects before onset, nor did she or any other doctor (not even the psychologist) point it out over time. Only my dearest friend gave me the tip in December 2009 to google Mirena and side effects. She got along well with the Mirena, but soon after the second insertion she noticed that she was getting worse and worse. Dizziness, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, mood swings. When I read various posts in forums, also here at sanegro, I immediately arranged an appointment to pull the spiral. Since 21.12. is she out and today, on 30.1.10, I can say very clearly: I am fine, as I have not been for 5 years. It’s unbelievable how quickly the body switches back to normal. I had no rule for 5 years. Of course it started again after pulling, but it is ok. I have never been so happy about blood !!! I am already in contact with the medical association. I can only recommend to any woman who has similar symptoms, not to wait for it to get better. It does not get better, rather worse. Doctors need to be informed and inform their patients. The more women that get in touch, the better. Even small suspicious moments are enough for the medical association. I waited 4 weeks, but I did not have a depressive day at this time. I have not been taking medication for a week. I’m fine. That the Mirena is practical, no more rule, no daily pills-swallowing, you do not notice them in the body, wonderful. There are certainly a lot of women, such. My sister, who likes her great. Congratulations, but for the rest, go out with the thing. Incidentally, my doctor just smiled at me, because of depression and Mirena. Can not be, she said. On the contrary, it raises the mood. Nonsense, the only thing she lifted was my weight. But I might have been able to live with that. LG sally

  3. Carrie E. Colunga says:
    3.0 rating

    until 4 months ago I was really satisfied. Then gradually symptoms: extreme breast tenderness, breast enlargement, itching all over. In the last 4 weeks on about 15 days violent migraine. Mostly at night tachycardia, tingling in the whole body, panic attacks with dread. This causes extreme sleep problems. Total tiredness during the day but also inner restlessness. Investigations with my family doctor and neurologist without findings. According to the statement, I am very healthy.

  4. Anna H. Simmons says:
    4.0 rating

    I was the Mirena: every day anxiety that got worse and worse, I could only fall asleep very badly out of fear of anxiety, I suffered from constant palpitations, tachycardia, I felt a constant tightness on my chest and often real heartache, I had Dizziness and could hardly get air, my rule was the use of completely away, I had no desire for physical closeness, I could not live through the symptoms of my normal daily routine, I thought more often that I was seriously ill and only even had a short life! It was even so bad that I was driven to the emergency room at night because I got a violent panic attack and could not stop shaking! It took me 6 months to realize that it was the Mirena. No doctor could help me …. and stamped me off as a psycho case !!! Only through the internet and the firm will to find out what happens to me, I have come across the side effects of Mirena. I let Mirena go and my symptoms disappeared on the spot or the next day !!! Now I can finally live again!

  5. Carol C. Rose says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Bleeding

    Caution: The Mirena has caused ischemia-like symptoms in me. Especially in the last third I had increasing circulatory problems, numbness or feelings of weakness in arms and legs, threatening respiratory distress, rapid heartbeat and panic attacks especially at night, but increasingly also during the day, so that I felt suddenly as disabled and almost incapacitated for work, as if I were close to a stroke or would have suffered one already. Motorically, I became quite insecure and often had dizzy spells. In addition, I suddenly developed high blood pressure, which was something completely new to me. My internist put me on beta-blockers and cortisone, which had relieved the respiratory distress, but not the remaining symptoms. Since the only change in the last months was the Mirena, I let them remove me to act on the exclusion principle. It was discovered that she had slipped and probably also was possibly defective and thus possibly had overdosed an overdose of levonorgestrel and had caused a kind of poisoning. My internist, as well as my ENT doctor, both said that the severe and sudden symptoms in me might very well have something to do with the Mirena, and that they are quite systemic, that is, that the active ingredients get into the blood. In the 1-2 days after pulling the Mirena, the symptoms were still extreme, then abruptly after. 1 month later I was almost completely stabilized and normal again. I learned from the doctors that there is a risk of thrombosis in the case of the Mirena. So dear women, please do not naively approach this product, because it is not harmless as well as some pills.

  6. Jennifer G. Gates says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello. I let the spiral in January 2006 use. Was also as good as painless. I am very happy to have found this site because I feel worse month by month and no doctor can find anything. So my ordeal began in September 2006. I got a violent panic attack in the middle of the night (did not know at the time what was a panic attack) so off to the hospital with the suspicion of pulmonary embolism. I was scared at night. After a week hospital some fit again. My doctor said domestic overload and advised me to cure. Said to have gone to the cure in December 2006. Then I went to march 2007 great. In March again a week hospital with the same suspicion as in September. Nobody could tell me what I miss. Well and so we went on. I was getting worse by the day. My gynecologist said that it does not depend on the spiral. In January 2008 again hospital with suspected stroke. After a week back home without you found anything. In December 2008, just before Christmas again hospital with Verdact on MS all examinations without findings. Had only meant that it was something nervous best I would go to a psychologist. Where I was not until today. Then finally I found this page and what I read here for the most part is like my story of suffering. I immediately made an appointment with a new gynecologist and Monday she comes out. Just hope that then the symptoms go away. The side effects with me were: anxiety attacks, panic attacks, sleep problems, loss of libido, difficulty breathing, depression, palpitations, drop in blood pressure, blood pressure increase, headache to migraine, vision loss, tingling on the face, weight gain, mood swings, fear of dying, fear of having a bad illness , Dizziness, back pain, etc …..

  7. Kala D. Cain says:
    4.0 rating

    After a good 1 year I let me remove the Mirena again. In the first 6 months there was no problem. Simply gorgeous, no period except 1-2 days very little spotting. Unfortunately, over time, more and more symptoms developed that got worse and worse. These included: breast tenderness, pimples, flatulence, weight gain, worst migraine attacks, nausea, dizziness, circulatory problems, itching all over the body, tingling throughout the body, rapid heartbeat to the worst panic attacks with dread. I did not know these symptoms before in this form and strength. I did not get much help from the doctors. It just said you’re getting into menopause. So I started to look around myself and came across the page. 3 months ago I had the Mirena removed. In the meantime, I have no more of the o.g. Symptoms. I have come to the conclusion that my symptoms are due to the synthetically produced gestagen in the Mirena. It seems that some women with a variety of side effects respond to it. Others are not.

  8. Gladys C. Duty says:
    4.5 rating

    I let the Mirena use 10 days ago. Insertion was easy. After two days circulatory problems (dizziness, double pictures). A few days later tachycardia, hot flushes, mood swings, panic attacks, breasts to burst. Internist explains, no organic problems. Today FA: These side effects are not known to him and can not be attributed to the Mirena. Think about it until Monday, otherwise it will come out immediately. Was an expensive short pleasure.

  9. Pamela C. Grover says:
    4.5 rating

    To all fellow sufferers! First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to leave a contribution. After all, it is quite possible to overcome such symptoms. I can only say that after reading the posts I know what to do. The spiral must go! I feel the same way as most here. 2 years ago I had the hormonal spiral laid. For about 5 months I have the following complaints, which meanwhile burden my life very much. Constant dizziness and panic attacks, trembling, inner restlessness, mood swings. I barely recognize myself. I’ve always been a fun-loving person and now I’m suddenly a Wrak. My husband and children are helpless when they have to experience me like this. Especially since I do not know myself what I miss. My blood levels are okay. Exercise EKK and long term EKK are normal. Now the visit to the psychologist was recommended! I do not know what to do there. I lead a happy life with my husband and 2 children. I have no Soregn, which burden me. And are we honest, the little worries in everyday life we all have now. I’m so thankful that I thought of this stupid spiral through this site. I have never come up with the idea. Was rated by the FA as completely inconspicuous! It would be nice. I will have this thing removed as soon as possible and hope that I will finally feel better again. I’m so exhausted that I make the worst stories every day. This is not life. Sad that one’s own FA takes any illusions and recommends visiting the psychologist! Thanks again and all the best for you! My conclusion: never again a spiral

  10. Irene M. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    The side effects of Mirena come slowly. Usually after 2 years begins the negative effect of the spiral. Tiredness, unfocused, dizziness, nausea, weakness, insomnia, joint and muscle aches, masculine hairiness, itching, odor sensitivity, breast tenderness, altered body odor, muscle atrophy, head and back pain, water retention in hands and feet, brittle fingernails, panic attacks, muscle twitching. Mirena turns healthy women into sick women. In my view, the Mirena is not recommended ..

  11. Willie T. Tristan says:
    3.0 rating

    Had the Mirena got used on the advice of my doctor. I gave birth to my son 2 months ago. was not such a mild pregnancy. had been struggling with mild depression and insomnia. but when the Mirena was in it, it came again and again and often before my period to panic attacks. at night from sleep with tachycardia, nocturnal sweating, anxiety, sleep problems gastric mucosa inflammation swollen lymph nodes, skin dryness hair on the chin, pimples which hurt on the neck area and aggressive moods.

  12. Nadine R. Canales says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Contraception

    NW: panic attacks, hot flushes, extreme nausea, heart rhythm disturbances, sleep disturbances, depressive mood, irritability, aggressiveness, visual disturbances, loss of appetite, taste and smell went away, libido was zero, the feeling of being constantly energized, digestive disorders, PMDD, muscle tension, constant Fatigue and weakness. The fact is: AFTER the removal all NW were better or disappeared completely. Quality of life is restored !! Mirena is NOT ONLY LOCAL, as many doctors advertiseMirena robbed me of 9 years of my life! More infos in hormonspiralenforum or on fb. 1000s of women with the same NW do not conceive of them (as doctors often say): /

  13. Pauline C. Metcalf says:
    4.0 rating

    negative side effects: – after use heavy bleeding about 2 weeks, later for half a year lubricating bleeding – beginning after about 3 weeks after onset blemishes on the stomach, strong itchy big pimples – disappeared after a few weeks – sometimes itching all over – Pain in the chest – made me transfer to mammography, because I thought I have something serious – severe anxiety, bad dreams – to the point of dread – panic attacks – terrible moodiness – purulent strange taste in the mouth, which came and went – severe pain in the right Area after about 1 year steadily getting worse – especially around the entry point – in urine sometimes severe pain, thought constantly I had a urinary tract infection – paralysis especially on the right side – got migraine – became much worse during Mirena time – less pleasure positive side effects : – Menstrual bleeding was very mild AFTER REMOVAL the Mirena: – immediate improvement of the right-sided pain – it turned out that the thread had wrapped somewhere – no more anxiety, no panic – in a better mood – all negative side effects were gone sooner or later I think that every woman this spiral different good or bad tolerates … I did not tolerate it unfortunately although I saw the type of contraception for very practical, but the side effects were then too much laborious. I was constantly afraid that these apparitions would remain.

  14. Toni P. Walsh says:
    4.0 rating

    I had the Mirena Hormone Spiral and was very dissatisfied. Immediately after the onset of hypertension, panic attacks, vertigo, acne, cotton wool in front of my eyes, listlessness, fatigue, joint pain, vision, greasy hair, oily skin, weight gain, wailings, I could not sleep one more night .. My body was ready , All doctors have said it would not come from the Mirena. Then I came by chance on this page, thank god. I let the Mirena go immediately, although the doctor did not want that, but after all, it’s still my body, because I can do what I want. After that, all my symptoms were gone. Can not lie on the horn monster spiral …. cruel how many doctors deal with patients, I would like to sue the company, and the doctors. Rely on your gut feeling and do not let yourself be fooled. dear greetings Heike

  15. Krista E. Dietrich says:
    3.0 rating

    Mirena for Endometriosis

    extreme night sweats dizziness nausea joint pain pain in the right side of the neck heart stomping tachycardia panic attacks constant fatigue decreasing efficiency constipation weight gain ear noises tremors of the hands strong freezing deterioration of vision Word finding disorders forgetfulness Loss of libido

  16. Mary C. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Hypermenorrhoea

    Today I have the Mirena removed and hope for improvement. I let them use 1.5 years ago, because I had with the copper spiral extremely heavy bleeding and these should stay away with the Mirena. The insertion was no more painful than with the copper spiral. Only then I was a little speechless … 3 weeks bleeding, 2 days without bleeding, then a week bleeding then not a week, then two weeks bleeding then a week not. I felt like … with the rule through the year 🙂 after half a year, she has left alone, as always, my gynecologist was baffled, because he had never experienced something like that. At the time, I was under treatment for panic attacks, palpitations, depressive moods, wherever that came from. The spiral was sterilized and replaced. Well, in the meantime, I have gained weight and have not gone back despite the gym (and I’m doing it right), I have not changed my eating habits into negative. I also did not get rid of the permanent bleeding. My chest was always sensitive and how inflated and did sometimes hurt properly (2 cup sizes more !!!) I also have back problems. As my physiotherapist said my lumbar vertebrae was a swelling and after Dorn-Preuß that was the area of the uterus, stood for me the decision .- out with the THING !!! Now let’s see if everything gets better again. Starting tomorrow, I will start a detox treatment. I think, either you are content with the hormone spiral top or you just can not stand the thing.

  17. Mandy C. Spencer says:
    4.5 rating

    Almost three years ago, I decided to get a Mirena Hormone Spiral. The benefits brought me to the absolute conviction that I have chosen the right contraceptive for me. In the course of the first year, everything was OK, except for a weight gain of about 4 -5 kilos, which, according to gynecologists, is due to water retention. The kilos remained, it was followed by depression and several visits to the psychologist including drug intake, panic attacks, complete listlessness and, above all, an increasingly impure skin. Of course, at first I saw no connection with the Mirena, now I am convinced that these side effects have been caused by the Mirena insidious. In a week I let me remove the Mirena, because I can no longer endure these conditions mentally.

  18. Karin B. Varner says:
    4.5 rating

    I had the Mirena for 7 years. Actually, she should go out after 5 years, but my gynecologist said, as long as she sits well, she can continue to prevent violent bleeding in front of the spiral (she has) and can remain quietly, to prevent me, I should additionally protect myself with condoms , The entire first year I had bleeding, sometimes more, sometimes less, then hardly any bleeding, which I found very pleasant. But – about 4 years ago, the first time hot flashes occurred, again and again I was groundless bad mood or irritable, nervous, impatient (all before no character traits, which I had attributed to me) and since last summer, I had several times before panic attacks, flicker the eyes, shortness of breath, and since the last three years always different back and shoulder pain. All this I would never have attributed to Mirena without reading this report. I have had countless examinations and treatments with the various medical specialists behind me – without result. no conspicuous blood values, no noticeable inflammatory values, no noticeable X-ray or MRI images (back / shoulder) – and my psyche would now also be described as completely in order ;-). Since Monday, the Mirena is out, about two hours after removal have used light bleeding, which last until now (Thursday), but I have no pain. Conclusion: To prevent the Mirena was great. Whether she actually caused the other problem -? I’m curious if the other symptoms improve … and will report again.

  19. Elizabeth F. McAnally says:
    4.5 rating

    One week ago I let out the Merina spiral and lo and behold: I feel much better !!! I have laughed so much on the weekend as never before !! I have re-established contact with friends and these (without anyone knowing of the Merina) tell me that I listen much better …. and that after such a short time. Of course it may be that everything is just a head thing BUT the complaints were there and now I’m better and that counts !! If something changes, I will write again …. I wrote my first post 2 weeks ago ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: complaints: 5-6 years, I got panic attacks, had the feeling (when falling asleep) to get more air. Was with the pulmonary specialist, o. , A short time later (when I was alone at home), I also got panic attacks during the day: racing heart or thinking of the heart sets. Again to the family doctor: o. , During the day and at night, I sometimes had hot flashes (which I attributed to menopause). My gyn twice made a hormone test: o. I always had a headache and breast tenderness every now and then. Last but not least, I have been suffering from severe depression since last summer, went to the spa and since then I have been unable to work. By chance, I now learned from a friend about these or similar problems using the Mirena. Until yesterday, I really would have recommended this spiral to EVERYONE … but somehow it looks as if there really are connections. Anyway, I’ve just made an appointment and I’ll get her next week …. will then report how I feel about it. I got my first Mirena spiral 14 years ago. This was, wg. Desire for children after 3 years away. About 5 months after this pregnancy, I got the Mirena again and about 5 years later again, which I wear until today.