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  1. Brett A. Bentley says:
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    Bisoprolol for High blood pressure

    I take bisoprolol for 3 years. Blood pressure and heart rate are excellent, almost too low. With 110/70 and 49 pulse I am already very lethargic in the morning. Then take a half tablet, and feel only limp and beside the track. I noticed a change in my personality. Particularly striking is the feeling of being somehow isolated, of perceiving everything hesitantly. Listlessness, the feeling of walking, panic attacks. I talked to my doctor and told her my values and concerns. She said that the half tablet (2.5 mg) that I take, would be almost homeopathic, and the immediate withdrawal does not oppose. I’m curious. What experiences did you have after stopping?

  2. Victoria V. Delgado says:
    4.0 rating

    Bisoprolol for Heart rhythm disturbances; High blood pressure

    I got the medication 4 weeks ago mainly because of tachycardia and high blood pressure in the evening. At first I felt pretty good except for dizziness and cold hands and feet. For about 2 weeks I feel worse from day to day. Totally depressed, anxiety and panic attacks, driveless, tired, I just do not feel like myself anymore. Let the tablet just creep out and hope that I feel better then. My blood pressure and heart rate, I will try to get a handle on another way.

  3. Sally R. Anderson says:
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    Bisoprolol for Heart rhythm disturbances

    In March 2 hours of memory loss. CT memory test. KH various tests. Long-term blood pressure, long-term ECG, everything in the normal range. Had a lot of psych. u. körperl. Stress. Whether that was the trigger you do not know. Thereupon by the doctor for about 6 months now bisoprolol because of high pulse usually around the 100th According to the doctor there is a risk of a stroke with such a high pulse. The blood pressure is rather low. Values 100/80, 120/70, 110/60 etc. In the morning shortly after getting up, everything is ok. At 10/11, severe nausea, dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks, (feeling I am dying now) depressive mood, aggression, tiredness, (could always sleep), tremors, anxiety. I feel very bad. Am female 52 years. Gynecologist says could also have to do with menopause. Since then, I take hormone gel, bisoprolol now discontinued without doctor consultation. I already feel like a hypochonter, nobody takes me seriously. Considered to aim for rehab or hospital stay.