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  1. Mark K. Davis says:
    4.0 rating

    Aciclovir for Herpes genitalis

    Should take acyclovir for 5 days, five times a day. Have, or had to stop after the third day. This medicine did not let me sleep any more, was wet at night like a sponge and violent panic attacks made my days hell. Especially at night. Wanted to write farewell letters because I thought I would not survive the night. The only thing that got better was my lymph nodes that swelled extremely painfully in the groin area. Today is my control date, I’m curious what to do with now. I’m certainly not squeamish, have enough things already lived and taken. But these tablets are really not recommended! Had probably read the other reports before, I would certainly have spared a lot. All good

  2. Guillermo A. Lough says:
    5.0 rating

    Aciclovir for Herpes genitalis

    Hello, I got Acyclovir-ratiopharm 200 prescribed by the Dermatologist. At first I did not notice anything (1st day). Then more and more panic attacks became noticeable and my resting heart rate went up to 95 (from the 2-3 day). I have reached the last day and I have 1 tablet in front of me. The herpes, if it was because one was (findings is not yet, but strong supposition of the dermatologist) has completely subsided. But the panic that you are living through or experiencing, coupled with sleep disorder, is brutal. I just thought it goes from me and I’m going crazy but when I read the report further up I got hope. I’m really thinking about shitting on this last pill, it’s almost unbearable, constant anxiety, trembling, high heart rate and sleep disturbance. I should have treated only with ointment first. My report, greetings and all the best Felix