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  1. Jennifer G. Bierman says:
    4.5 rating

    Prednisolone for Morbus crohn

    Hello, Aza had taken to get away from the cortisone, but got a bad pancreatitis (pancreatitis) with hellish bumping, then rather the Chron. Then I got a long time Humira injections, in this time the Chron was barely noticeable really great. I hardly noticed side effects, only permanent mucus in the throat area (neck), which at night occasionally led to snoring. Disadvantage are the late consequences, which are not yet to estimate, which is why I now pause with Humira. Now I have Sulfasalazine, feeling tired, weight gain, fatigue and diarrhea day after day. So far not exactly the perfect solution. I also take prednisolone from time to time against joint pain, which probably has the most terrible side effects in the long run. Moon face, fast weight gain, bone loss, dependence. After 3 years of daily cortisone intake, withdrawal of the drug is difficult for the body. I suffered from bad tiredness because my body had to produce the active ingredient again.