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  1. Frank S. Fitzgerald says:
    2.0 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosomatic disorder

    Take zx 50mg Prolong Sedating ok Side effect: Increased muscle twitching Motor tic tingling on the scalp and forehead Tachycardia Disquiet Not recommended

  2. Alice A. Boles says:
    2.5 rating

    Seroquel for Perceptual disorders; Borderline; Psychosis

    At the beginning, when I started with 25 mg, I did not have any side effects, but starting with 150 mg myocardial tachycardia started. I lay in bed and could not fall asleep suddenly I noticed my pulse all over my body. Of course, I immediately took a sister who then also measured my heart rate and blood pressure and my heart rate, although I was already half an hour quietly in bed, was at 170 and my blood pressure was also greatly increased. I then immediately got a pulse and blood pressure lowering agent. That made me feel better too. This was then every evening so now I take 600 mg and from now on also Prolong. Until now, these side effects have not gotten better I hope by the prolong because without the drug, I can not manage my everyday life and everything else …

  3. Angela E. Whaley says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Burnout syndrome

    I was admitted to the Vitos-Klinik Waldkrankenhaus Köppern on August 30, 2011 because of a fatigue syndrome. This is an acute clinic. On the 2nd day I was able to sleep for 5 hours at a time. Then within 4 days I was given Seroquel prolong, although the doctors knew that I had white skin cancer for 10 years. I took Seroquel with coke in the presence of my sister. My legs burned, my intestines burned, my eyes were flushed, all mucous membranes dried out, I had fecal matter and thereupon hemorrhoids, palpitations, high blood pressure. I had heart failure, could not breathe, it felt like a stone, I vomited and dragged myself to the nurse. She said that I should go to my room, she would come soon – my blood pressure was greatly increased. She said it was all psychic. Dr. Paul, the chief doctor, claimed I was a bipolar personality and needed to take that. It was not tried at all with the smallest dose. Most patients of the Vitos clinic get Seroquel

    Side effects: Vomit; Palpitations
  4. Ana G. Howard says:
    4.5 rating

    I woke up the night and saw silhouettes and open windows that were closed. Then I got this medicine. Initially 50 mg, later 200 evenings. Have it discontinued from morning to morning because I have got extreme heart racing, nightmares and an extremely unpleasant feeling of hunger. I had to lie down immediately, because it literally forced me to my knees and blackened my vision. It became so violent later that I constantly felt my heart explode, causing panic attacks. Once I got so much into a panic attack that I lost consciousness. After that, I never resorted to this drug again, although I was convinced I needed it. Misconception! Even if I needed some time to fall asleep in the evening and my day post-cycle was completely twisted, today I feel much better. The silhouettes were a one-time incident. My current psychiatrist could only shake his head. Unbelievable how fast this drug is prescribed. With every little thing. There are certainly cases where the drug is helpful. Unfortunately, I was unlucky, but the side effects are not to be underestimated. Please be careful with this chemistry. All the best

  5. Anita L. McManus says:
    2.0 rating

    Seroquel for Hebephrenia; Polytoxicomania; Borderline; Psychosis; Depression

    – underneath risperdal – stiffness of the neck, palpitations, fatigue, aggressiveness – after lowering of the risperdal mirror (due to strong weight gain refusal of medication by patients) – under cibralex – nausea vomiting very changeable mood – under seroquel – at the beginning delusional disorders, muscle twitching (facial expression), after restlessness phases doubled in the evening drug; ennorme weight gain in the first half of the year over 30 kilos after 10 kilos; medication now 400; in spite of diet rich in fiber, the overweight remains; elevated liver values have been proven; disturbances in concentration in the afternoon are very marked, as well as facial muscle twitching in conjunction with a high degree of aggravation; ask for my part: is this a biblical disorder ??

  6. Beverly W. Collier says:
    2.5 rating

    Seroquel for Depression

    Initial dossis 25 mg, increased to 150 mg (since 2 weeks). Approximately 40 minutes after taking a sudden licking. Condition like drunk. I can not control my legs anymore. At night, the legs flew up and down again. The 1 night after the dose increase barely turning around in bed possible. Feeling like an immovable stone. For 2 days I hear voices after taking.Furthermore: Sudden fatigue, palpitations, sleep disorders, ADH syndrome, nightmares of which I will wake several times in the night.

  7. Magan A. Bull says:
    3.5 rating

    Since taking Seroquel and Cipralex together, I have less trouble falling asleep, even if you eat a slice of bread when taking Seroquel. In addition, you should generally not take it on an empty stomach, because it works much stronger then! Cipralex has the advantage that it can be dosed individually in the form of drops, for example I only take 5 drops, and I manage it much better than without it. The combination of both medications has greatly reduced my sleep problems, but it sometimes happens that I can not fall asleep, or wake up with tachycardia – but it has become much rarer !!

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Palpitations
  8. Jermaine G. Lovett says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Directly at the beginning of the treatment after approx. 1h extreme tiredness with heavy lead and tachycardia. The tachycardia has improved, the other not. Then a tingling sensation comes over me as if I get goose bumps and that even if I lie in the warm tub. For a few weeks, extreme cardiac arrhythmias have been added to the excitement. ECG was ok. For about a week, an extreme feeling of illness, pressure on my chest and headache, but this is not due to flu. Whether there is a connection with Seroquel still has to be clarified.

  9. Juanita W. Weber says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Psychosis

    Unfortunately, seroquel has many undesirable side effects. on the one hand, an increase in weight. Half an hour after taking a feeling of drunkenness. You can not walk or speak properly anymore, you need a lot of sleep. it is like a noise. The drug attacks the liver very, therefore it must be stehts investigated. Unfortunately, a liver cancer can be achieved with it. seroquel makes abhämgig and after a missing ingestion occurs entzugserscheinungen.seroquel with me directed even hormonal damage to, get hair growth on face, on the stomach and the pride I have as well. I advise of this drug from absolutely, I had known what hires all this I would not have taken it. my body is botched as it were by the drug. ATTENTION: the drug is not researched for a long timeI add that you can also get heart racing from the seroquel after taking. and now after 3 years of taking it was found that I can now get no more children. However, the doctors are not clear whether it could work again after discontinuation.