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  1. Robert J. Daly says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Drive disorders; Obsessive compulsive disorder; Adh syndrome; Depression

    The effect is so far the best for me among all SSRI’s, SNRI’s … Little sexual side effects, perfect drive increase, I am less active than under sertraline, venafaxine, fluoxetine … All in all, a very pleasant increase in drive. I no longer have these exaggerated cravings. I also feel life again, can feel and smell again … Enjoy the most days again. I am much more emotionally stable, I have better control over constraints. I can concentrate better and focus on the important things … I am much more careless and can tackle things! Overall very good efficacy …. Side effects: sweating, insomnia especially at the beginning, mild mania in combination with alcohol, slight agility, slightly increased and increased palpitations, slightly increased blood pressure / pulse, I will take Cymbalta on!

  2. Donna F. Carroll says:
    2.5 rating

    In the beginning I took Cymbalta 60 mg. I was always tired. I had to sleep a lot during the day and go back to bed at 8 pm. I was very nervous, trembling, had very intense sweating, palpitations, anxiety and after 2 weeks I was down to 30 mg. After 2 months I see I do not make big differences that I’m better.

  3. Laura R. Harvey says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Take Cymbalta 60 mg for depression. Have taken it 3 years ago for 1 1/2 years. It tolerated quite well, no weight gain but occasionally palpitations, fatigue, dry mouth. It helped me a lot, my depression went away, I can feel happy again, my pain from my fibromyalgia became much less. When I started to reduce the tablets slowly and started on, I had very strong ABSORBENT. Severe dizziness, sudden insane pain everywhere, nausea, stomach cramps, electroshock in the head. It was unbearable. I took the old dose until I was fine. Then I found the SOLUTION: I reduced the dose by 1mg each day. So from 60 mg to 59mg. The following day at 58mg, until I arrived at Omg after 60 days. It worked great. Had virtually no settling phenomena. I opened a 60mg capsule and counted the beads. The crowd divided by 60. So I had the amount of beads around which I had to reduce the dose every day. For example: 1 mg = 8 beads. Then on the first day take 8 pellets from the capsule. The rest in there leave and very important: close the capsule again and then swallow. On the 2nd day, swallow 2×8 pellets less. On the 3rd day 3×8, etc., etc. So that nothing goes wrong, I have previously written a plan with date, dose.