Pain in the motion apparatus effect of Arimidex

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  1. Kirstin M. Blume says:
    2.0 rating

    Arimidex for Breast cancer

    I switched from Tamoxifen to Arimidex in June 2007. On tamoxifen I had a strong weight gain (20 kg) and water retention. In the first few weeks, I did not notice any reaction. But for about 5 months I have severe pain in my feet, so that sometimes I find walking very difficult. It is a very strong burning pain that can not be combated with painkillers and also occurs in the morning.

  2. Lula T. Moses says:
    4.0 rating

    Arimidex for Breast cancer

    For about 2 years, I take Arimidex with the usual consequences such as hot flashes, laxity, mild muscle pain. About 7 months ago, I was also prescribed Atancand, I took 8 mg / day. I got increasingly muscle pain, bone pain, joint pain, which went from the shoulder over the hips to the shins, with increasing tendency. Getting up, climbing stairs etc. became more and more painful. When reducing the dose to 4 mg / daily Immediate improvement, almost every day disappeared. Then I took only every 2 days 4 mg, after 2 weeks no Atacand more. The complaints are – toi, toi, toi – away, the suspected hip osteoarthritis also. Is there a cross effect between the two remedies?